Friday, August 23, 2013

guest mix: junkyard angel

Admittedly, I search out some odd music a lot of times, just to keep my ear sharp. I am always really stoked by something that can capture my full attention or sit in the background, but it's very hard for music to have an equal footing in each camp. There are even fewer that can keep my attention musically, inspiring me to search the artists involved, and have me floored from beginning to end with an anxious anticipation of each approaching colorful scene. Now, I have to say that I post mixes that I wish I had created myself. When I hear these mixes, I am happy that someone created this with the hopes that anyone would possibly hear this, not even realizing that this someone was me. I like to think that they made it for me, because its mood fits whatever I'm feeling at the time, as if to say 'here's the current soundtrack to your life's situation'. Those kinds of mixes stay in your head, swimming around, building your addiction to their sonic offerings.
I am way proud to have an opportunity to release some music by someone that I respect as a person, artist, and musician. This collection of mixes was presented by my request to JUNKYARD ANGEL. In receiving these mixes, I got to converse (a bit extensively) with Junkyard Angel, which is always the best part. I was afforded the opportunity to exchange listening histories, speak of what drives him artistically, and hear some general things about his life. It is an absolute inspiration to realize that people on the other side of the pond have the same interests, aspirations, and commitments. It is even more inspiring to know that we share similar musical tastes and that music is a very powerful and life-defining force for us. Junkyard Angel is a musician's musician, fully capable of weaving the same magical fabric that inspired him (you can hear and download his compositions HERE; we've even talk briefly about some collaborations, which I'm REALLY stoked about). 

The sounds that Junkyard Angel put together lay somewhere between ambient, mystery, and a twist of happy nightmares. Since I've heard the very first mix from him, I've been taken in and elated to have found all new music that I had not yet discovered. And that's a high for me. Every mix by Junkyard Angel is aural bliss, and I present you with 3 of my favorites. I've used these mixes consciously and subconsciously, and they are effective in both arenas. Take them in, and enjoy.

Thanks, Junkyard Angel, for the opportunity. Visit Junkyard Angel at his MIXCLOUD page. 

*say 'hello' to Ollie for me*

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

(my personal favorite)

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