Sunday, August 17, 2014

guest mix: mantraman

I'm very proud to be bringing the music of MANTRAMAN to the masses for this outing on Spaceman's Transmissions. I've been digging on Mantraman's mixes for a bit now, and I finally get a chance to show the love. I've been blessed with having the opportunity to host 3 mixes. 

Within his mixes you will find a colorful mindtrip of perfectly balanced moods, reflecting his quest for peace and solitude. Even his profile picture exudes tranquility and is the epitome of chill. When I'm in need of a deep mental massage or that escape pod that houses my turbulent mind for intergalactic travel, I look no further than Mantraman's mixes. His quest for the perfect mix to calibrate the soul is not without merit.

Mantraman (Paul Haynes) has a very musical background, having been the bass player in the early 80's indie-pop band INTIMACY that was based around Birmingham, England. Discovering ambient music would lead to the decline of performing live and would birth the interest in creating, mixing, and producing the ambient music that permeated his soul. Paul's love for ambient music began when he first heard the Brian Eno & Harold Budd creation PLATEAUX OF MIRROR in 1981, and the implosion of Intimacy in 1983 allowed him to finally begin following his muse. The motivation to spark his creative genesis was purely recreational and was meant as a way to make music that he wanted to listen to. Through the persuasion of a friend, he posted some of his music on LAST.FM, and this gave him the impetus to carry on. Although he claims that his music making tools are primitive (using basic MIDI software and Audacity), he nonetheless captures the essence of true ambient spirit. His first creations didn't even evolve a keyboard, but rather using QWERTY and Cakewalk. One could say that his technological grasp for weaving sounds has evolved quite nicely. If there's one thing that Mantraman can admit about the whole ambient scene, it's that it's highly addictive and very time consuming. I can echo that. Unfortunately, that has left a lot less time for him to create new tapestries due to business commitments. I, and I'm sure I'm not alone, wish that Mantraman had more time to create and bless us with such beautiful sounds. Hopefully in the future (nudge, nudge).

For all of the eager listeners that crave peace, I've been given a 'go' on hosting 3 mixes by Mantraman. For some reason, I tend to gravitate to the mixes that have to do with the oceans or tidal ebb and flo. So I've chosen to host EVENTIDES (my first exposure), THE LIGHTHOUSE TAPES (my favorite), and a newer mix entitled OTHER OCEANS. I would be foolish to say that this is his best; they all are. The next one will be his best, and the one after that, and so on. Mantraman has created a gold mine of ambient mixes that I know the music lover will lose themselves in.

You can follow Mantraman on his MIXCLOUD page, follow him on TWITTER, and get updates on his creations on his LAST.FM and SOUNDCLOUD pages. Many, many thanks to Paul for allowing me to share his vision with everyone. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

guest mix: faction (part 2)

I got contacted recently by FACTION (Ben Selby) about a new mix that he's created. Out of all of the artists that I follow, Ben is probably one of the guys that blow my mind in the biggest way. His sonic tapestries are a huge journey into the subconscious, stopping at the various synapses which bring light and sound into focus. Given the vast amount of influences and music, Faction flawless (and consistently) pieces together the most seamless mixes ever.  I can never seem to find edits in his mixes. His canvases are a perfect blend of light and dark colors that are pleasing, challenging, and ever shapeshifting. Not only are they musically gratifying, but the work ethic that he displays is unrivaled and unparalleled.

For this guest mix, I am absolutely honored to be a part of hosting [ TIME IS WHAT KEEPS THE LIGHT FROM REACHING US ]. Make sure that you are well prepared with open ears and open mind. This will allow the music to ebb and flow into your mind's ether, penetrating the pores that drink color and taste sound. If you choose to only listen, you will miss the finer points of the mix. The best option is to experience the mix while fully disengaging distractions and fully engaging undivided attention. Upon taking in the mix, your sense of gravity will calibrate, your senses will be renewed with extreme precision, and you mental state will have increased to absolute efficiency. Or your money back.

If there were just one thing that I could wish for, it would be to hang out with Faction, listening to new music, and watching him put together his mixes like a fly on the wall. I aspire to be him, with his limitless vision and knack of putting together such moods with so many diverse elements. Hearing what he comes up with makes me feel like I'm at square one. And that's a good thing. Thanks, Benji, for hooking up the listeners everywhere with pure aural bliss. And for providing a very healthy bit of competition! Be sure to take more of Faction's amazing mixes on his MIXCLOUD page, and his original compositions on his SOUNDCLOUD page. I'm always eagerly awaiting the next one! Peace.

Turn on, tune in, have mind blown, listen again (and again), then sleep...


  • Intro
  • Space Face - Faction
  • Cello Recycling - Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek
  • 36 - Beacon
  • Daikan - Thomas Kner
  • Alan Watts Sample
  • Ra. 36 Section (1) - The Orb
  • Blue Sample - Derek Jarman
  • Arte - Brambles
  • Gulf Breeze Sonar - Rod Modell & Michael Mantra
  • III (Pleq Remix) - Jacaszek
  • Unlocation - Witxes
  • Ill Flower - Future Sound Of London
  • Beautiful Corruption - Mergrim
  • Access To Arasaka - Void Start
  • Caught In The Middle - Lusine
  • Ra. 36 Section (2) - The Orb
  • Beauty Of A Flower - Richard Feynman
  • Dream Hours (Part 1) - Kammarheit
  • Atomized - Forrs
  • Dream Hours (Part 2) - Kammarheit
  • Ravi Shankar
  • To Speak Of Solitude - Brambles
  • Eac - The Alvaret Ensemble
  • Calling - Trifonic
  • Springtime In The Distance
  • Orchestral Interlude - Gorillaz
  • Music For Twin Peaks - Stars Of The Lid
  • Blue (Time Is What Keeps The Light From Reaching Us) - Derek Jarman
  • Jam Sketch - Chris Morris

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

memories of the unknown

Deja vu (sorry for the lack of correct characters over the letters) can be described as a sensation of realizing the remembrance of a certain event or place, whether you've actually experienced it or not. We see things, and we remember. We hear things, we remember. Our entire lives are based upon memories, and how they stitch us up shapes who we are. We are formed like clay from the sights and sounds that were with us longer than we can remember.

I spent a bit of time this summer at my childhood hometown, and seeing so many familiar things brought back floods of intense feelings. But for the life of me, I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Everything was very much a part of my life, but at the same time very distant from me. I tried to recapture and revive the initial moments of certain landmarks that had meant so much to me many years ago. But in the end, I gave in, retiring the fuzzy thoughts to my gray matter as balloons that I had let go so many years ago. Like most, I could spend all of my time and energy seeking the puzzle pieces that have long turned into a wind-torn memory. 

But to keep life moving in a forward motion, one must seek to have meaningful moments in life that trump those which created a purpose that allowed us to become stagnant. Onward and upward. Trying to recreate and relive moments that we cherish weakens the initial moment. This self-manufactured regret will have us searching for answers that lack questions. 

This mix is for the thinkers that believe they've lost the path and are trying to step backwards into the same footsteps. For those that need a light to see the rest of the path in front of them. And for the ones that need a soundtrack to their lives which allows them to breathe deep, keeping forward momentum onto the illuminated walkway that guides their souls. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • “Analemma” by Arthur Zdrinc from It’s A.D.2016 (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “No Word From Above” by Ben Woods from Moments (Start Time: 03:02)
  • “Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow” by Hammock from An Introduction To Hammock (Start Time: 04:34)
  • “Thank You, Yuri Gagarin” by Kendall Station from The Broken Pod (Start Time: 09:23)
  • “(Within My) Parallel Universe” by Tonepoet from Headspace (Start Time: 15:27)
  • “Varðeldur” by Sigur Ros from Valtari (Start Time: 22:12)
  • “Drift” by Broken Harbour from Gramaphone Transmissions (Start Time: 27:57)
  • “Until Our Eyes Adjust” by Ben Woods from This Digital Horizon (Start Time: 35:24)
  • “Shadows Fall” by Random Forest from Random Forest (Start Time: 40:29)
  • “Endless Agony Of Being Sick (Edit)” by SaffronKeira from …And The Darkness Came (Start Time: 45:22)
  • “Keine Angst” by Bersarin Quartett from II (Start Time: 49:06)
  • “Bold Advances” by Helios from Moiety (Start Time: 52:07)
  • “Strange Zebra-Man At Bruxelles Midi” by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 54:45)
  • “Zum Griefen Nah” by Bersarin Quartett from II (Start Time: 56:59)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

ben woods

I'm about 90% done with my next mix as I'm finishing up some transitions and searching for the last epic closer. I really wanted to share some music of a musician that I've been using a bit and that has really been drawing me in with some of the best compositions that I've been coming across. 

For those of you that dig into the track listing, you'll see that I'm been taking advantage of sharing the amazing compositions of Ben Woods, and ambient pianist that weaves pure gold. The more that I listen, the more I'm really pulled into his colorful universe of sound and light. His music is highly inspiring, soothing, and created with such honesty and intensity. The most unreal part of it all is that his music if free from BANDCAMP (above is his latest release). Highly unbelievable. Pay Ben a visit, and take in his unrivaled mastery channeled through beautiful compositions. 

Also, be sure to follow him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK as he posts new music every now and then. Like Christmas all year round. Peace.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

collaboration: fading light (part I & 2)

I can say that for me, it's a dream come true to have finally been involved in a collaboration with a mix-artist that is without a doubt one of my favorites. I've been digging on JUNKYARD ANGEL's mixes since he first started uploading mixes on Mixcloud. I've hosted his mixes here quite a bit (more than anyone else), and have had such candid and (dear I say?) brotherly contact with him despite our differences in time, culture, and location. All of his music lives on my media player, and accompanies me on my bike rides, in my car, or anywhere else that I use it (which is everywhere) for getting my fix of great new music. I save his comments, and mark his emails as 'unread' so that I can take in his wit and gather the positive vibe that he exudes again and again. 

We've talked long about our musical interests, and lives in general. We've actually bounced a few original ideas (that we'll get to at some point) back and forth. This, hopefully, serves as a springboard for that. I have to say, that after listening to so many of his mixes repeatedly, I would definitely have to bring my 'A' game with a mix. His vision for melding the bizarre, accentuating the awe-inspiring, and conjuring the twist of fear is something that marvels me. I brought the suggestion of a sort of final swan song or opus, as I've had mostly lighthearted mixes, and I knew that he would be able to pull out his magic wand and develop such a great story. Hence the name 'fading light'. It could mean the close of a day, a final breath, a dying thought, or a moment that has expired. While I could ramble on with all of this, I'm passing the torch over to Junkyard Angel for the remainder of the narrative. One last thing: if feels good to ride on the backs of angels.

Junkyard Angel

I really look forward to receiving emails from Tonepoet, we have similar lives busy with families and young children not to mention mounting work schedules; we have no time to be mixing and making music so what drives us to do just that? 

For me, it's love and the maintenance of sanity; most people's musical thirst is quenched by the age of 25, but for myself (someone who is well over that figure), every day is a quest for music both old and new. If I don't find it, it will find me.

When I was asked if I wanted to collaborate to Fading Light, I had already got the songs swirling around in my head before I had finished reading the remit. 

Tom has put down a heavenly drone with a heartbeat that runs and weaves concurrently throughout the mix. I spent a while just mesmerized by this tidal sound surge. After listening to Tom's mix, I started to add to the second half.

I really relished the idea of the collaborative musical mesh and one done digitally by 2 museos on opposite sides of the pond; it took me back to my pirate radio days when I used to play vinyl with other DJ's back to back. It kind of forces you to conjure another angle and pick a different tune to the one that you would have played on your own agenda. The worlds change but the passions remain intact. 



  • “Ambient Heartbeats” by Tonepoet from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Mist Of Mercy” by Hans Christian from Cinema Of Dreams (Start Time: 01:05)
  • “More Dead Than Alive” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 06:18)
  • “Spirit’s Breath” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Start Time: 07:30)
  • “Evermore” by Christian Ferreira from The Meditone Project, Vol. 1 (Start Time: 15:19)
  • “Feeling God Has Left You” by Dave Preston from Soundtrack For Motion (Start Time: 22:24)
  • “Blood Red” by Thomas Newman from American Beauty Score (Start Time: 28:21)
  • “No Turning Back” by Ben Lovett from The Last Lullaby (Start Time: 28:54)
  • “The Journey” by Jamin Winans from Ink The Complete Soundtrack (Start Time: 30:31)
  • “The First Goodbye” by David Helping & Jon Jenkins from Treasure (Start Time: 31:58)
  • “Fading Light” by Rudy Adrian from Desert Realms (Start Time: 35:10)
  • “When You Return” by Stray Theories from Those Who Remain (Start Time: 38:10)
  • “The Wastelands” by Halo from Song Of The Highest Tower (Start Time: 43:59)
  • “Turino In The Clouds” by Moss Garden from In The Silence Of The Subconscious (Start Time: 46:40)
  • “Echo Of Tomorrow” by Olan Mill from Hiraeth (Start Time: 51:17)
  • “Vansunbarth” by Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra from Drowning In The Sky (Start Time: 53:34)
  • “Hydref 4” by R. Roo from Hydref (Start Time: 58:53)
  • “Twilight” by Fellirium from Sapphire (Start Time: 62:47)
  • “Beyond The Milkwood” by Franco Albanese from Unknown (Start Time: 68:20)
  • “Returning” by State Azure from Outlines (Start Time: 72:48)
  • “And The Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts With Singing” by Set Fire To Flames from Telegraphs In Negative: Mouths Trapped In Static (Start Time: 75:51)
  • “Lunar Eclipse (Gessyoku)” by 3+ from Kazesarai (Start Time: 79:32)
  • “Dawnspace” by 36 from Shadow Play (Start Time: 84:23)
  • “The Stars Are Falling” by Iohannes from Unknown (Start Time: 86:03)
  • “Ashlar & Monuments” by Vedisni from Ashlar & Monuments (Start Time: 91:42)

Friday, July 11, 2014

rusted sun collective

Just did a collaborative EP with 2 other musicians (Javier Bilbao and Jon Wheeler aka PETAL) in a group effort entitled RUSTED SUN COLLECTIVE. We call the release 'Communicate'. With the download comes all the artwork that tags the files (each song has a different set of artwork tagged to it). We were blessed by CARAS IONUT to be allowed to tag our song 'For The Father We Never Found' with his artwork entitled 'Fresh Air' (many, MANY thanks to him for that!). Please pay him a visit on his website! To quote the narrative from the Bandcamp page:

"Rusted Sun Collective is a collaborative effort that allows different independent musicians to gravitate towards the similar mindset of creating a common artistic output. Communicate represents the ability to ignore boundaries of time and distance, and instead focusing on the cohesion that occurs when working with colors and sound."

I will be co-managing the entire RUSTED SUN netlabel duties with Jon Wheeler. We will do more Rusted Sun Collective releases, that will feature a revolving set of musicians that contribute collaborations. I have a few more musicians lined up, and hope to have another release out before the end of the year. The music will remain free. DOWNLOAD the release, and keep up with us as we will offer more amazing compositions in the future. Peace.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

mixcloud charts

It came to a bit of a surprise that recently Mixcloud started charting releases. With each tag, there is a weekly rating of how each mix is with reference to the ratio of plays to likes (or some such sorcery and math, it all confuses me). FOR THE LONELY SOULS somehow has ended up on the chart for electronic music and also for ambient music. Not only that, it's doing well (not as many plays as everything around it, but the likes per play make a huge difference, I assume). I've reached 12th on the electronic charts (with Mixmaster Morris leading the march!), and 13th on the ambient charts. Very, very happy and stoked to be supported like this from listeners in the biggest way. It really makes my day, no doubt, and I thank everyone that listens and likes. I have some great things planned this year, and glad to be a part of the Mixcloud family! Peace.


(edit: as of the 2nd of June, the mix reached 10th in the Electronic charts and 11th in the Ambient very cool!)