Sunday, May 10, 2015


Tonepoet On Soundcloud

I've finally did something that I've been meaning to do for a bit. I've taken the old demo-ish things off of Soundcloud and put up higher quality MP3's of all that I've recorded and released from every project. There is one song on the Harmony & Decay release (Illumination) that is quite dark (entitled "Rapid Eye Movement") that I left off of the Bandcamp release that can be found here (finally). All sets are downloads, so feel free to grab it up, just click the big button to get there. Peace.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

gazing into the infinite cosmic abyss

I ran across a very interesting comment via Reddit a while ago that stated 'instead of looking up into the sky, you're actually gazing down into the infinite cosmic abyss, with only gravity holding you to the surface of the earth.' Heavy. But true, and a bit scary. We ride the Mother Earth spaceship venturing through the absolute unknown. And there's nothing we can do about it other than enjoy the ride.

To accompany your journey, I've managed to glue together some sounds that were brought to initial life by some of the greatest aural travelers in the field of sonic space. My role is to manipulate and conjure up the family of musical representations that assist you while peering out beyond the cosmic rim into the infinite cosmic abyss. Now that warmer weather is coming, it is a good time to get back into marveling at sunsets that give way to nightly stargazing. I've used only my 'A' list of space traveling composers to give you the best mix (in my opinion) that I've ever created. Use this mix freely as your soundtrack for this. Give thanks that Mother Earth is gluing you to herself so that you can get a good glimpse of the heavens all while hitching a ride on her back. Make good use of this soundtrack while gazing into the infinite cosmic abyss to assist with your journey through the solar system. BTW, I'm posting this on my birthday (exact time as well as date) as I want to give something that means a lot to me. Better to give than to receive, in my opinion. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • “Opus To Departure” by Unknown from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Departure (Excerpt)” by Telemore from Astral Currents (Start Time: 01:00)
  • “Dark Clouds” by Bing Satellites from Twilight Sessions, Vol. 8 (Start Time: 06:19)
  • “Zero Gravity” by Dreamhub from Moments In Space (Start Time: 09:17)
  • “This Time And Space” by Kit Watkins from This Time In Space (Start Time: 12:16)
  • “Nostalgia For Infinity” by Jonn Serrie from Thousand Star (Start Time: 16:11)
  • “Almost Overlooked” by John Foxx & Harold Budd from Translucence (Start Time: 19:52)
  • “Faraway (Excerpt)” by Juta Takahashi from Hymn (Start Time: 21:23)
  • “Distant Thunder (Solitary Witness)” by Michael Stearns from Encounter (Start Time: 22:50)
  • “Startle The Heavens (Lament)” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 28:10)
  • “High Above Everything We Know” by Ben Woods from This Digital Horizon (Start Time: 32:06)
  • “Twilight” by Hollan Holmes from A Distant Light (Start Time: 39:11)
  • “Melancholia” by Luca Gherardi from Cosmosis (Start Time: 45:12)
  • “Borealis” by Robert Rich from Calling Down The Sky (Start Time: 48:20)
  • “Our Cathedral (Excerpt)” by Paul Avgerinos from Sky Of Grace (Start Time: 49:55)
  • “Pulsum Sacrum” by Bruno Sanfilippo from Subliminal Pulse (Start Time: 52:16)
  • “Opening The Spiral (Excerpt)” by Robert Carty from Ancient Flow (Start Time: 54:32)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

we've come undone

Hello, everyone. I'm really proud to announce that I've managed to conjure up some more music for your ears, mind, and soul. You can snag my latest release entitled WE'VE COME UNDONE. Like the last release, I put quite a bit of time into it, with the writing, recording, and mastering. I'm really proud of this, so by all means, if you like the music (and I think that you will), feel free to let me know, share with your friends, and enjoy it! Peace.


BTW, you can stream it below as well!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

lullabies for a rainy morning

I purposely created this mix to accompany those mornings that make one feel the need to stay in bed for an extra bit of time. This mix could also come of use during the day, or evening, if you wish as its main purpose is to erase detrimental mojo. Outside rain is optional as I've included a tiny pinch of rain in the mix to help balance the sounds of nature driven ambience with artist created tapestries of beauty (although rain from the outside will further assist in achieving the peaceful state that you seek). Admittedly, ever since I heard Junkyard Angel's WAITING FOR THE RAIN, I've been eager to follow suit. A tip of the hat.

Just as the morning bleeds into the day and night without an abrupt transitions, the music should meld into your mind without consideration to the shifting moods. The thing is to take in the mix, and let it soak into your mind so that it may bring you solace.

I had very great pleasure in choosing songs for this mix. One release that I was able to purchase (actually, it was gifted by none other than) Christopher Sisk's BACKGROUND MUSICS. I was extremely lucky to be browsing on the net when a Google+ message from CHRISTOPHER came up offering a sweet (day-before) Christmas gift of one of his releases for free. The only catch (which was no catch at all) was to let him know on his posting which release you wanted and receive a download code via PM. I was pining for Background Musics. Thanks, Santa!

I hope that this music helps your mind catch up to its necessary state needed to realize that one rainy day brings many days with sunshine and beauty. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • “Burial” by Accelra from Futuresequence4 (Start Time: 00:39)
  • “Mist (Excerpt)” by Thom Brennan from Mist (Start Time: 04:42)
  • “Our Words Are Frozen” by Pleq Featuring Strië from …And Darkness Came (Start Time: 08:16)
  • “Fjögur Píanó” by Sigur Ros from Valtari (Start Time: 12:21)
  • “I’m Big” by Steve Jablonsky from The Pain & Gain Soundtrack (Start Time: 19:13)
  • “Time Spent Waiting” by Christopher Sisk from Background Musics (Start Time: 21:06)
  • “Song For Aiden Meikle” by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 25:42)
  • “Further Distances” by Andrew Lahiff from Free Floating Music: Conception (Start Time: 31:29)
  • “River” by Coppice Halifax from Inland By Night (Start Time: 39:17)
  • “Equal Ourselves” by Helios from Moiety (Start Time: 42:50)
  • “Kinookimaw” by Ben Woods from Halcyon EP (Start Time: 46:16)
  • “Light Staggering Across My Windowless Room (Excerpt)” by Ian D Hawgood from A Life In Abstact Colours (Start Time: 49:23)
  • “By The Faintest Light We Carried On” by The Eager Seas from The Wilderness Year (Start Time: 50:38)
  • “Daring Remedy” by Abstract Aprils from Blossom Ends (Start Time: 52:57)

Friday, January 30, 2015

guest mix: grani radioshow

A while back, I was attending a sensational mix by GRANI RADIOSHOW entitled GRANI RADIOSHOW #42 (AUTUMN SEA), taking it in, and floating among the blissful sounds created by these DJ's. Needless to say, it's safe to say that this particular mix was one that pulled me into the world of Grani Radioshow. Not only are the music selections amazing, but the crafting is breathtaking. This mix has a life of its own, exhaling warmth and a deep intensity that seeps into the mind of listeners that crave color and clarity. It took a bit to get in contact with them, but once I did, I was richly rewarded with downloads of every mix available from them through a hosting site (that's 60 mixes so far). I was pretty overwhelmed (and still am) to find the best of the best within these mixes, so I'm hosting 3 mixes from them that resonate with me.

Grani Radioshow (grani translates to 'edge' or 'side') consists of 2 individuals (Alexy Moned & Denis Disia) that create these mixes while geographically separated in Belsarus & Russia. While they have worked on a few mixes together, their preferred method is that each submit a mix for hosting individually. The best part of actually hosting this mix is the response that I got from Denis when requesting a bio.

"I'm not sure that our biography is important. The important thing is the music :)"

It could not be any more simple and effective as that. Along with Grani Radioshow #42 (Autumn Sea), I'm also throwing in GRANI RADIOSHOW #60 (STILL AND ALL) GRANI RADIOSHOW #28 (AUTUMN FROSTS 2), and GRANI RADIOSHOW #35 (GOODBYE WINTER). Enjoy the colorful vibes that are meticulously crafted by Grani Radioshow. I can not thank them enough for getting in contact with me, and allowing me to host their mixes. Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of Grani Radioshow. BTW, you can hear all of their mixes on the their MIXCLOUD page, follow them on TWITTER, and tune into PSYRADIO to catch more. You can also hear and download Denis' original compositions at his BANDCAMP page or his SOUNDCLOUD page. Not only that, Denis has his own separate MIXCLOUD page that warrants a good look, and Alexey's Mixcloud page can be found HERE.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

Friday, January 16, 2015

guest mix: gosh snobo

For this episode of Spaceman's Transmissions, I'm very fortunate to have given permission by a deservedly accomplished DJ goes by the name DJ SNOBO in presenting THIS WAS OUR LAST CHANCE (BEFORE WE SLEPT). Gosh hails from Riga, Latvia, and has a very extensive bit of involvement in the DJ scene, as well as in music overall. I asked Gosh quite a while back to host his mix. We had lost communication, but persistence allowed us to reconnect. While I try to do the most justice in doing write-ups for people, DJ Snobo says it best. Therefore, I pulled a bit of the bio off of his website.

"Hey, my name is Gosh, I'm also known as DJ Snobo and I'm a tumbler (born under punches)... Er, just kidding. Still, I've been juggling sounds, words, styles, genres, tempos, moods since 1990, using guitars, microphones, computers, digital & analog recordings and most importantly - imagination.

Which means that as from 1999 I have been DJing, making mixtapes, hosting radio shows, writing about music and otherwise popularize good vibrations of all kinds. A decade before (1989-99) I used to play guitar, sing and write songs in various bands, lead by myself or by my friends, and later on went solo to produce some electronic music. All of that happened in my home town of Riga, Latvia.

Being a passionate music lover all my life, I always had wide range of interests and never locked myself within artificial boundaries such as genres or musical forms. So - both as music maker or selector - I always played whatever interested me at that time, and it could have been almost everything. I usually say that my own projects from the 90s professed the concept of musical circus - quirky, fun-filled, eclectic extravaganza. As a DJ, I went deeper and less whimsical, but no less (and even more) cross-genre."

Gosh's abilities to weave sounds and create such seamless journeys is a mindblower to me. He's very adept at creating sufficient space with various elements to give good perception of depth, and gluing together sonic colors that yield an experience that is uniquely dark, intense, comforting, and enlightening. Yet another guy who I find to be incredibly inspiring, not only in introducing new music but presenting it in format that draws in the listener with absolute magnitude and beauty. I'm presenting an additional download of another mix entitled COLOURS OF WATER as a bonus for hungry minds that crave colorful journeys into the subconscious realm of imagination. Pay DJ Snobo a visit at his WEBSITE, his MIXCLOUD profile, his SOUNDCLOUD page (his primary page for hosting mixes), and the Facebook page THE CUP OF SILENCE that he runs. You can also find more links that represent DJ Snobo's musical forays HERE

Thank you so much, Gosh, for letting me be little part in sharing the beautiful creations that you've birthed. I look forward to more in the future. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...