Saturday, July 12, 2014

collaboration: fading light (part I & 2)

I can say that for me, it's a dream come true to have finally been involved in a collaboration with a mix-artist that is without a doubt one of my favorites. I've been digging on JUNKYARD ANGEL's mixes since he first started uploading mixes on Mixcloud. I've hosted his mixes here quite a bit (more than anyone else), and have had such candid and (dear I say?) brotherly contact with him despite our differences in time, culture, and location. All of his music lives on my media player, and accompanies me on my bike rides, in my car, or anywhere else that I use it (which is everywhere) for getting my fix of great new music. I save his comments, and mark his emails as 'unread' so that I can take in his wit and gather the positive vibe that he exudes again and again. 

We've talked long about our musical interests, and lives in general. We've actually bounced a few original ideas (that we'll get to at some point) back and forth. This, hopefully, serves as a springboard for that. I have to say, that after listening to so many of his mixes repeatedly, I would definitely have to bring my 'A' game with a mix. His vision for melding the bizarre, accentuating the awe-inspiring, and conjuring the twist of fear is something that marvels me. I brought the suggestion of a sort of final swan song or opus, as I've had mostly lighthearted mixes, and I knew that he would be able to pull out his magic wand and develop such a great story. Hence the name 'fading light'. It could mean the close of a day, a final breath, a dying thought, or a moment that has expired. While I could ramble on with all of this, I'm passing the torch over to Junkyard Angel for the remainder of the narrative. One last thing: if feels good to ride on the backs of angels.

Junkyard Angel

I really look forward to receiving emails from Tonepoet, we have similar lives busy with families and young children not to mention mounting work schedules; we have no time to be mixing and making music so what drives us to do just that? 

For me, it's love and the maintenance of sanity; most people's musical thirst is quenched by the age of 25, but for myself (someone who is well over that figure), every day is a quest for music both old and new. If I don't find it, it will find me.

When I was asked if I wanted to collaborate to Fading Light, I had already got the songs swirling around in my head before I had finished reading the remit. 

Tom has put down a heavenly drone with a heartbeat that runs and weaves concurrently throughout the mix. I spent a while just mesmerized by this tidal sound surge. After listening to Tom's mix, I started to add to the second half.

I really relished the idea of the collaborative musical mesh and one done digitally by 2 museos on opposite sides of the pond; it took me back to my pirate radio days when I used to play vinyl with other DJ's back to back. It kind of forces you to conjure another angle and pick a different tune to the one that you would have played on your own agenda. The worlds change but the passions remain intact. 



  • “Ambient Heartbeats” by Tonepoet from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Mist Of Mercy” by Hans Christian from Cinema Of Dreams (Start Time: 01:05)
  • “More Dead Than Alive” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 06:18)
  • “Spirit’s Breath” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Start Time: 07:30)
  • “Evermore” by Christian Ferreira from The Meditone Project, Vol. 1 (Start Time: 15:19)
  • “Feeling God Has Left You” by Dave Preston from Soundtrack For Motion (Start Time: 22:24)
  • “Blood Red” by Thomas Newman from American Beauty Score (Start Time: 28:21)
  • “No Turning Back” by Ben Lovett from The Last Lullaby (Start Time: 28:54)
  • “The Journey” by Jamin Winans from Ink The Complete Soundtrack (Start Time: 30:31)
  • “The First Goodbye” by David Helping & Jon Jenkins from Treasure (Start Time: 31:58)
  • “Fading Light” by Rudy Adrian from Desert Realms (Start Time: 35:10)
  • “When You Return” by Stray Theories from Those Who Remain (Start Time: 38:10)
  • “The Wastelands” by Halo from Song Of The Highest Tower (Start Time: 43:59)
  • “Turino In The Clouds” by Moss Garden from In The Silence Of The Subconscious (Start Time: 46:40)
  • “Echo Of Tomorrow” by Olan Mill from Hiraeth (Start Time: 51:17)
  • “Vansunbarth” by Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra from Drowning In The Sky (Start Time: 53:34)
  • “Hydref 4” by R. Roo from Hydref (Start Time: 58:53)
  • “Twilight” by Fellirium from Sapphire (Start Time: 62:47)
  • “Beyond The Milkwood” by Franco Albanese from Unknown (Start Time: 68:20)
  • “Returning” by State Azure from Outlines (Start Time: 72:48)
  • “And The Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts With Singing” by Set Fire To Flames from Telegraphs In Negative: Mouths Trapped In Static (Start Time: 75:51)
  • “Lunar Eclipse (Gessyoku)” by 3+ from Kazesarai (Start Time: 79:32)
  • “Dawnspace” by 36 from Shadow Play (Start Time: 84:23)
  • “The Stars Are Falling” by Iohannes from Unknown (Start Time: 86:03)
  • “Ashlar & Monuments” by Vedisni from Ashlar & Monuments (Start Time: 91:42)

Friday, July 11, 2014

rusted sun collective

Just did a collaborative EP with 2 other musicians (Javier Bilbao and Jon Wheeler aka PETAL) in a group effort entitled RUSTED SUN COLLECTIVE. We call the release 'Communicate'. With the download comes all the artwork that tags the files (each song has a different set of artwork tagged to it). We were blessed by CARAS IONUT to be allowed to tag our song 'For The Father We Never Found' with his artwork entitled 'Fresh Air' (many, MANY thanks to him for that!). Please pay him a visit on his website! To quote the narrative from the Bandcamp page:

"Rusted Sun Collective is a collaborative effort that allows different independent musicians to gravitate towards the similar mindset of creating a common artistic output. Communicate represents the ability to ignore boundaries of time and distance, and instead focusing on the cohesion that occurs when working with colors and sound."

I will be co-managing the entire RUSTED SUN netlabel duties with Jon Wheeler. We will do more Rusted Sun Collective releases, that will feature a revolving set of musicians that contribute collaborations. I have a few more musicians lined up, and hope to have another release out before the end of the year. The music will remain free. DOWNLOAD the release, and keep up with us as we will offer more amazing compositions in the future. Peace.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

mixcloud charts

It came to a bit of a surprise that recently Mixcloud started charting releases. With each tag, there is a weekly rating of how each mix is with reference to the ratio of plays to likes (or some such sorcery and math, it all confuses me). FOR THE LONELY SOULS somehow has ended up on the chart for electronic music and also for ambient music. Not only that, it's doing well (not as many plays as everything around it, but the likes per play make a huge difference, I assume). I've reached 12th on the electronic charts (with Mixmaster Morris leading the march!), and 13th on the ambient charts. Very, very happy and stoked to be supported like this from listeners in the biggest way. It really makes my day, no doubt, and I thank everyone that listens and likes. I have some great things planned this year, and glad to be a part of the Mixcloud family! Peace.


(edit: as of the 2nd of June, the mix reached 10th in the Electronic charts and 11th in the Ambient very cool!)

Friday, May 30, 2014


I'm getting closer to finishing up my newest project, and I'd like to share it via Soundcloud. I have about 3 or 4 more tunes that I'm working on that I'd like to finish up, and my plan is to have about 50 CD's pressed. Take a listen and let me know what you think. The last tune (Sleep Tight [While I Melt Your Face]) was just me testing out some gear, so it is way different from the rest and almost meant to be a bit of a joke. Nonetheless, enjoy!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

for the lonely souls

Most of the time that I do my really deep music listening, it's when I'm lost within my own thoughts. I don't have to converse with others, do any sort of active reasoning on anything, or have judgments or ponder solutions. My mind is a sponge, open and dynamic, my mood and feelings shaped by oncoming colors that slowly build castles in my mind.

I created this mix for the sleepers, for those needing time to put on headphones and breathe deeply, the ones who want to hear the thoughts within their own grey matter without obstruction, the souls that want to have a soundtrack for a moment in their lives, the ones who need a backdrop for contemplative the end, it's for the listener that craves a bit of solace in a chaotic world, and to aid your soul searching, surrounded by the colors of peace and solitude.

I spend a lot of my day being very social, collaborating with musicians, and the working on projects. When I unwind, I lose myself into the hypnotic universe of sound, emptying my cerebral flow of analytical thoughts. I end up losing way more sleep than I should, just to make time for hearing new music, and trying to learn something new. My wish is that you are able to fill the void within your soul that yearns for an aural blanket to caress your thoughts and create the mental escape pod that takes you above and beyond daily turmoil. Support the artists, and enjoy. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • “Clocks & Rain” by Tonepoet from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “By A Moving River” by David Arkentsone from Ambient World (Start Time: 00:25)
  • “The Clear Light” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Start Time: 06:12)
  • “Fraction Amber” by Emmalee Crane from Crowd Of Reeds (Start Time: 10:54)
  • “Take A Drink From My Hands” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 15:14)
  • “Eg Anda (Excerpt)” by Sigur Ros from Valtari (Start Time: 19:59)
  • “The Man With Link’s Hair” by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 22:55)
  • “February” by Rhian Sheehan from Seven Tales Of The North Wind (Start Time: 24:53)
  • “The Brightest Lights In The Darkest Skies” by Ben Woods from Moments (Start Time: 32:43)
  • “Inerosion” by Emmalee Crane from Formantine (Start Time: 35:50)
  • “Ideals Or Hopes” by Helios from Moiety (Start Time: 37:41)
  • “The Daughters Of Quiet Minds” by Stars Of The Lid from And Their Refinement Of The Decline(Start Time: 41:09)
  • “Cad Goddeu” by Nest from Nest (Start Time: 54:09)
  • “The Fall” by Stenbit from The Fall (Start Time: 58:07)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

guest mix: silas (part II)

It seems as though the best mixes that I come across happen when I should be in bed, and have a lot of stressful stuff on my mind. Those mixes seem to break through the ice of turmoil, keep me awake in anticipation, and cause me to drift into the scene that they've created. There are checkpoints within the flow that develop themes and alter moods on a whim. With my mind engaged, I am able to reassess the balance of negative and positive vibe, and more often than not, I realize that music is just a great big part of my life that permeates my soul like a sponge picking up water. I am the sponge. I want you to be the sponge. Or something like that.

I cannot express the feeling that I get from listening to SILAS' newest mix entitled SCORE ONE. Every song has got me digging through the track listing, searching the artists, and eager to flesh out my music collection with new sonic morsels. There are points within the mix that seem to almost dissolve, surrounding delicate sounds with dissipating clouds of tones. While it would seem like the mix could end (and it would be perfect as it was), Silas picks it up, fills it out, and brings the whole thing back to life as if he were blowing up a balloon. And the world begins anew for another ride. If Silas had just made only BREATHWORK and Score One, I would easily have said that he was above and beyond one of the best at doing what he and his peers do, but with a larger wealth of music than most, and a much better sense of how to connect the dots than the rest of us. Ah, jealousy sets in! Hahaha!

So, without running on too much about it, I am so very proud to be presenting my pick for one of the best mixes that I've run across (I've listened to many, even incognito), or at least in the top 5 (with Breathwork also being in the top 5). Not everyone might agree with that statement, but I believe that warranting a listen to Score One will put a smile on your face, with the realization that you've come across a soundtrack that is waiting for unbelievable things to happen around it. Be inspired by this, and if you're like me, let this mix will invigorate your mind out of its fog, realizing the true power of music and mixes done right. Pay Silas a visit on his MIXCLOUD page, Peace.


  • Water Shadow - Simon Scott
  • Your Subconscious Condition - Near The Parenthesis
  • Soft Warmly Straw Raincoat - Near The Parenthesis
  • Dusk - Stumbleine
  • Beneath The City Trees - Rhian Sheehan
  • Kanada Goose - Jokers Of The Scene
  • Ghosts (Aaron Static & Fort Road Remix) - Thomas Newman
  • They Killed My Husband - Hybrid
  • Osidius - András Tóth
  • Vizion - Machinedrum
  • Is This (Featuring Synkro) - Troy Gunner
  • String Quartet No. 2: III (Live At The Ancienne Belgique) - A Winged Victory For The Sullen
  • Four Walls - Massive Attack Vs. Burial
  • Fishcreek - Kettel
  • All Farewells Are Sudden - A Winged Victory For The Sullen
  • Þú Ert Jördin - Olafur Arnalds
  • We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year - A Winged Victory For The Sullen
  • Helvetica - Arms And Sleepers
  • Requiem For Dying Mothers, Pt. 1 - Stars Of The Lid
  • February - Rhian Sheehan
  • Sun Breaking Through - Message To Bears
  • Ti Prego, Memory Man - A Winged Victory For The Sullen
  • I_IV - Black Elk
  • Hands Are Two Week Departures - Woodworkings
  • Killed The Lord, Left For The New World - This Will Destroy You
  • Dawn - Stumbleine
  • Sun Of Madrid - Ametsub
  • A Symphony Pathetique - A Winged Victory For Sullen

Sunday, May 18, 2014

guest mix: the silent project (part II)

I've had the opportunity to host some music by THE SILENT PROJECT (which you can see HERE), and I was pretty sure that I'd have that chance to do something more in the future. Well, it's the future. I was playing one of the many things that I have in the PREVIEW PLAYLIST on my Mixcloud account, and THÉURGIE comes along that stops time completely while it's spinning. I actually had to concentrate to keep from holding my breath. There are many classical influences throughout this mix that create the tension and release of harmonic depth that pull me in. While I'm listening to this, I keep thinking 'it can't be this amazing for the entire piece of music, it has to taper off'. But luckily, I'm wrong. There is no real zenith to this mix, it keeps climbing and taking me right along with it. By the time it does end, I'm ready to listen to it again. Like a good book or movie unfolding, I never stop to look at the time or even have the urge or ability to let my mind wander. My thirst for finding the perfect mix is quenched.

For inspiration to create this mix, it was mostly conceived while a boating excursion along a wild river in the Amazon. The picture on the player below is from this trip. The mix is meant to convey the beauty and power of that environment. And it definitely does. Let your mind take in the achingly beautiful sounds of Théurgie. Let your soul's thirst for inner peace and beauty be a sponge for it's offerings. Let your thoughts give in to the mindful transitions and selections presented within this piece. If I had just one wish, it would have been to look over Greg's shoulder while he was making this, in awe of his musical palette and thoughtful knowledge of what to put together to make one of the best mixes that I've heard. 

Make sure that you visit THE SILENT PROJECT, and show the love. Follow him and keep up with his mixes. You can also download his most current mixes from his SOUNDCLOUD page and visit his FACEBOOK page for updates and news. Lastly, he composes original music that can be found on his BANDCAMP page! Thanks, Greg, for not only creating such beautiful work, but also for keeping me inspired and allowing me to be a part of hosting Théurgie. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • Unbroken Continuity - Dadub
  • Articulate Silences Part 1 – Stars Of The Lid
  • Walzer für Robert – Anne Muller
  • Labyrinthine – Julianna Barwick
  • Radio 110 FM – Janek Schaefer
  • Vancouver Island Quartet – Christina Vantzou
  • Jyaku – Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Duepree
  • Rafael Anton Irisarri
  • Glámur – Amiina
  • Broken Town – Sangam
  • Fragment I – Library Tapes
  • The Flat – Johann Johannsson
  • Vostok – Christian Vantzou
  • Hospital – Johann Johannsson
  • Only Child – Julia Kent
  • Nautical2 - Loscil
  • Barcarole – Tchaikovsky
  • Radio 103 FM – Janek Shaefer