Saturday, February 8, 2020

the sky is not the limit

Hello, and many greetings, dear listeners. I wandered a bit off course in effort to calibrate the controls to enable us optimal performance in drifting above the grey clouds above that we believe to our limitations. Let us be on our voyage.

While you would think that reaching just beyond this curtain of grey is the final destination of achieving your zenith, this is merely the prologue to life's true journey. Just beyond that lies a sky of blue which will give you a better glimpse of the sparkling cosmos. Beyond that which you cannot see or fathom is your true potential. No one can tell you where that ends, and you yourself cannot even know, as it is not the end of the journey that matters, it is the journey itself. 

The journey's end is a vital goal, but reaching that does not unveil your potential. The arc of your potential is actually a milestone to a greater thing. Reach beyond the sky, grasp your real dream and live to be the better you.

Turn on, tune in, go above and beyond...

(note: the first track is from an upcoming album of mine which will be released very soon, everything's finished, awaiting some final production)


  • “The Sky Is Not The Limit” by Tonepoet from Kaleidoscope (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “The Dawning” by Abstract Aprils from The Dawning (Start Time: 03:31)
  • “Dusk Magic” by Richard Norris from Abstractions Vol. 2 (Start Time: 04:43)
  • “The Dry Sun” by Alex Tiuniaev from Where  The Birds Nest (Start Time: 06:17)
  • “A Moment Of Growing Wings And Flying” by BEDsHELi from Nue (Start Time: 09:59)
  • “I Was Atoms And Waves (Reprise Pt. II)” by Tim Linghaus from About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings) (Start Time: 14:32)
  • “Open Door” by Jim Wallis from Europa (Start Time: 16:01)
  • “Dark Beyond The Blue” by Hammock from Longest Year (EP) (Start Time: 17:34)
  • “Lost I” by The Fire And The Fog from Lost (Start Time: 21:58)
  • “#01 Monologue (Copy 2) (Excerpt)” by Tomotsugu Nakamura from Monologue (Start Time: 24:24)
  • “At The End” by winterTheives. from The Human You (Start Time: 25:36)
  • Show Us To The Sky” by The Balustrade Ensemble from Renewed Brilliance (Start Time: 29:41)
  • “Home” by Slleepwalker from Lonley (Ambient Album) (Start Time: 34:23)
  • “Leaving The Ground” by Radical Face from Missing Film (Start Time: 35:07)
  • “II. Sunlight Kisses Upon Rosy Cheeks” by Ashen Swan from An Ode To Trains (Start Time: 37:11)
  • “Far Out There” by Sergey Cheremisinov from The Healing (Start Time: 40:47)
  • “Returning” by Aperire from Aperire (Start Time: 42:29)
  • “Lost V (Excerpt)” by The Fire & The Fog from Lost (Start Time: 44:30)
  • “Ukeire (Excerpt)” by zarr. from Cloudform (Start Time: 45:01)
  • “Heliopause” by Anne Mueller from Heliopause (Start Time: 48:49)
  • “Sleep Well Diana” by Ashot Danielyan from Diana (Start Time: 51:13)
  • “Linear” by halftribe from Backwater Revisited (Start Time: 54:26)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Let's embark to a distant whereabouts that is virtually impossible to see through the clouds. It's there, but you won't see it if you fail to imagine and visualize. Your imagination and belief will permit you to soar into the wind and higher than the reaches of turbulence and static. It is within this place that your mind finds peace, your spirit finds joy, and your ears steer your destiny. As you drift slowly towards this objective, feel free to let the pillow-like squishy reassurance of cloud cover envelope you in skies of white. This fluffy blanket seeks to yield you a hiding place for you to collect your thoughts, as if you were collecting and sorting pebbles found in a pond. This action allows you to reanimate your purpose and direction. At this point, the controls of your craft are enhanced to enable you to soar with greater control to your defined destiny.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

the world has not forgotten you

Salutations, my friends. We've had a good few voyages that have led us to new creative boundaries, and it is yet again time to board the space pod for a trek into and through the majestic cosmos. We'll be temporarily enveloped in the sparkling light that illuminates the non-reflective void of space as we set the controls for a new destination of solace and beauty.

To believe that this particular outing does not include you, or that you have no time for the journey, is to be very mistaken. It is a fallacy to insist that the space pod co-piloted by your boy Tonepoet has limited seating and will steal your time away without any incentive. There was a time when I complained I didn't have enough time to do anything until a good friend (with way more complications, liabilities, and responsibilities than I) told me that it is useless to find the time and rather we must make the time. Set aside this piece of the day for yourself to rejuvenate and re-calibrate those vital synapses that are necessary to keep your forward momentum pushing into the stars. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Just posting this as a placeholder for my own video. I did the video on March 21, 2019, so already this is dated. It's actually about 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) in my area now, hardly seems appropriate! For the curious, I suppose...

Sunday, May 26, 2019

and the rain must fall

When the skies turn grey, our minds tend to close in on themselves as an attempt to both provide cover for our fragile creative grey matter as well as a spiritual shield that helps us fast forward to the next sunny day, the next bright moment. The skies I'm talking about are both the physical and the metaphorical. The metaphorical being the darker moments that seem to weave in and out of the better moments during our journey upon Mother Earth. If we had no setbacks, no dips in our our good fortune, and no dull moments within the glistening sea of bliss, we would not have an accurate way to measure our successes. We would not have a reliable means to balance our joy against the temporary grain, and the value of our rejoicing would be lost. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

at the edge of this world

Let's embark on a path that takes us to to the edge of the world to get a glimpse among the stars. We'll need a special tapestry to aid us in our liftoff and provide us with security while experiencing zero gravity. Do not be afraid of letting your mind go for a mere hour of the journey. Rest assured that you old boy Tonepoet will guide you safely during every phase of our semi-astral deployment (I am and will always be right alongside you during our journeys). 

Monday, January 14, 2019

hibernation poems

Hello, fellow travelers of light and sound. It is I, Tonepoet, your host here at Spaceman's Transmissions and co-pilot of the pod that will once again allow us to drift above and beyond the real turmoil that exists all around us. It is with concentrated effort that we will construct a journey that glides on sound, far above and beyond the terminal frosting of our beloved Mother Earth. In fulfilling the suggested lighted path of our course, we will find that it gives us a rebirth of creative focus. Give yourself a mere hour on this flight to rise above the worldly concerns that prohibit our necessary flow that brings peace, comfort, and a sense of self-worth.

Friday, October 5, 2018

dreamer's, unite!

It's been a good while since I've had the opportunity to sit down and review a good bit of the music that I've been sent (thank you all for sending music, I've gotten so very much and it means a lot to me!). During that time, I've had to tend to some personal matters. This required a re-routing of my original destination in effort to assist wandering souls in calibrating their compasses to pinpoint and sustain an optimal voyage destination. It can sometimes feel as though it is a thankful task, but it never goes unnoticed. Touching the hearts and souls of others is and will always be the reward for which no monetary value can determine.

Throughout any turmoil from others as well as myself, I sought to lose myself within the colorful universe of our collectively cherished existence: the beauty and solace of music. Even now as I present to you my travel log that exposes my deepest thoughts, I am swimming deeply in an ocean that is created by swirling magical colors, riding a peaceful current of pillow-soft dreams, and capturing the visions that will never have capable words to describe them. It would be selfish of me to not break off a piece of this hypnotically beautiful confection to share with like-minded wandering travelers. Rather than to present raw ingredients without appropriate instructions, I relish that ability to package this experience into a digestible morsel for your ears and mind. This offering is certified organic and uses only the freshest ingredients for every palate to enjoy. And it's allergy-free!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

taking flight

Greetings, dear wanderers in light and sound. I have been busy this year with trying to write new music, and I'm here with yet another release that I'm happy to share with you. I was approached by a gentleman named Grael who asked if he could use some of my music for a documentary on skateboarding. As skateboarding is near and dear to my heart (it really is), I gladly obliged. While I initially only offered some of my pre-released stuff, I took on the task of creating some new music. Not everything was going to be used for the film, but I decided that whatever I did write during this period would be put on this release. So there you have it. 

Knowing the challenges that I faced with creating new music (while being faced with overwhelming obligations), I turned to a good buddy of mine whose sole musical release is one of my favorites. CLOUDFALL happily obliged to join me in the project, and together, we were able to complete stellar 1 hour and 45 minute journey that aurally documents the day of a skateboarder.

Please pay a visit to my BANDCAMP page and feel free to download, stream, and share this 1 1/2 hours of music. There are download codes on my FACEBOOK page. Creating the tapestries was a rewarding experience and I'm ecstatic to have the opportunity to share it with the world. Thanks!


Sunday, June 3, 2018

lullabies for the skyward soul

Let us gather up our mental baggage for a drop into the deep blue abyss of space. In undertaking this mission, our soul purpose is to sort out the tribulations of life that are weighing us down. As we sail into the cosmos, allow the weightlessness of space to assist you in gathering up and sorting the difficulties that you face into manageable statuses of priority. Tackle these situations with the determination that you will succeed in the task of putting them behind you with a closure of your desiring. Rely on those that have looked to you for guidance in such circumstances with the understanding that a team of cosmonauts will always outweigh the effectiveness of the sole traveler. Remember to return favor when they need you, and assure them of your gratitude with the gift of friendship.