Sunday, February 8, 2015

lullabies for a rainy morning

I purposely created this mix to accompany those mornings that make one feel the need to stay in bed for an extra bit of time. This mix could also come of use during the day, or evening, if you wish as its main purpose is to erase detrimental mojo. Outside rain is optional as I've included a tiny pinch of rain in the mix to help balance the sounds of nature driven ambience with artist created tapestries of beauty (although rain from the outside will further assist in achieving the peaceful state that you seek). Admittedly, ever since I heard Junkyard Angel's WAITING FOR THE RAIN, I've been eager to follow suit. A tip of the hat.

Just as the morning bleeds into the day and night without an abrupt transitions, the music should meld into your mind without consideration to the shifting moods. The thing is to take in the mix, and let it soak into your mind so that it may bring you solace.

I had very great pleasure in choosing songs for this mix. One release that I was able to purchase (actually, it was gifted by none other than) Christopher Sisk's BACKGROUND MUSICS. I was extremely lucky to be browsing on the net when a Google+ message from CHRISTOPHER came up offering a sweet (day-before) Christmas gift of one of his releases for free. The only catch (which was no catch at all) was to let him know on his posting which release you wanted and receive a download code via PM. I was pining for Background Musics. Thanks, Santa!

I hope that this music helps your mind catch up to its necessary state needed to realize that one rainy day brings many days with sunshine and beauty. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

  • “Burial” by Accelra from Futuresequence4 (Start Time: 00:39)
  • “Mist (Excerpt)” by Thom Brennan from Mist (Start Time: 04:42)
  • “Our Words Are Frozen” by Pleq Featuring Strië from …And Darkness Came (Start Time: 08:16)
  • “Fjögur Píanó” by Sigur Ros from Valtari (Start Time: 12:21)
  • “I’m Big” by Steve Jablonsky from The Pain & Gain Soundtrack (Start Time: 19:13)
  • “Time Spent Waiting” by Christopher Sisk from Background Musics (Start Time: 21:06)
  • “Song For Aiden Meikle” by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 25:42)
  • “Further Distances” by Andrew Lahiff from Free Floating Music: Conception (Start Time: 31:29)
  • “River” by Coppice Halifax from Inland By Night (Start Time: 39:17)
  • “Equal Ourselves” by Helios from Moiety (Start Time: 42:50)
  • “Kinookimaw” by Ben Woods from Halcyon EP (Start Time: 46:16)
  • “Light Staggering Across My Windowless Room (Excerpt)” by Ian D Hawgood from A Life In Abstact Colours (Start Time: 49:23)
  • “By The Faintest Light We Carried On” by The Eager Seas from The Wilderness Year (Start Time: 50:38)
  • “Daring Remedy” by Abstract Aprils from Blossom Ends (Start Time: 52:57)

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