Monday, September 28, 2015

guest mix: spinnet

Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions. As your host, I'm responsible for providing a very intensely tranquil journey to those places in your mind that wake your imaginative synapses and clear the fog. With this latest guest mix, I'm confident that we will accomplish this.

I have graciously received a session a (very long) while back from a DJ named SPINNET who hails from Greece. While I had many things to deal with this summer, I am finally able to get this mix out to the world, and extremely happy to do so. If you are craving deep space that nonetheless draws you into a universe of minimal soundscapes but still leave your harmonic indulgences satisfied, you've come to the right place. Spinnet is another crafty DJ that is adept at finding perfect balances between 'felt' pulses and tapestries of melodic flow. Listening to his session brings a sense of Steve Roach-ish vibe balanced with subtle Global Communication colors. To top it off, I'm really digging on his editing and shifting of mood color. This mix will serve not only as background music but equally as foreground. Some of the best mixes that I get have me pulling the headphones off as I think that something is going on outside, as if my ears have tricked my mind into diving almost too deep. That's the way I like it.

Spinnet has been toying with audio software and music synthesis since 2007 as both a solo venture and with like-minded friends. Several projects have taken form by his experimentation with various styles and moods of (mostly) electronic music over the years, and his solo project (SPINNET) is birthed from all that has inspired and moved him. Usually (but not always), this translates to atmospheric and dubby grooves that were influenced by breakbeat culture. FABRICS (a collaborative project), on the other hand, consists of darker, colder, and often experimental material that is influenced by industrial aesthetics and techno culture. ONE ARC DEGREE is almost the opposite; and emotive project that builds on the melodic expressions of chillout and trance origins. Lastly, his most recent collaborative project entitled SPACE SCAVENGERS is based on the theme of sci-fi and seeks to create a futuristic representation with dub elements. You could say that Spinnet's output is nearly staggering, and his love for all things musical is reflected in what he creates. Releases of these projects can be found on music labels such as V.I.M., Deep Garnet, Ultimae, Microcosmos, From A Tree, Audio Theory, Assembly Field, and soon on Iboga, Cold Tear Records, and Blue Tunes Records (and more!). 

I offer you Empty As Universe; the perfect vibe for space travelers and souls seeking mind expansion. A very beautiful mix from an amazingly accomplished individual. Thank, Spinnet, for allowing me to present your beautiful session with the world. You can get more updates from Spinnet from his FACEBOOK page, on DISCOGS, as well as on HEARTHIS.AT.

Turn on, tune in, sleep (while traveling peacefully through space)...

  • 'Haiti' by Pan Sonic
  • 'Parallel Suns' by Autechre
  • 'Phenomenon' by Monolake
  • 'Synergistic Perceptions' by Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord
  • 'Urano' by Murcof
  • 'Taku' by Monolake
  • 'First' by Spyweirdos
  • 'Infinite Shore' by Steve Roach
  • 'Void Shuttle' by Fabrics
  • 'The Machinery Of Night' by ASC
  • 'In Spaces' by Halftribe
  • 'A Day Apart' by Lusine Icl
  • 'Currents Beneath The Shine' by Vir Unis
  • 'The Pillar Of Winter' by Spinnet

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