Saturday, December 5, 2015

soul ascending

There are so many ideas and theories about what truly happens to your soul when we depart Mother Earth. Is our mortal body a vessel that carries the soul, steered by our intuition and desires? Or are we just empty shells, only to be recycled back to the Earth? I have my thoughts and beliefs, as does anyone. Life is about pondering, discovering, and experiencing. Like anyone else, I strive to radiate good intentions by trying to live a selfless life that is inspirational. In doing so, my wish is that as my soul ascends, it will be accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack; one that represents the elation that I experienced in my life balanced with the melancholy of departure. I would like reflect on my life in a satisfyingly content manner during the ordeal, both good and bad.

The intention of this mix is for it to be used figuratively. If a dark cloud casts a shadow over your world, the music presented here will guide you above and beyond. Do not allow the gravity of turmoil and negativity weigh you down. The set here is intentionally a bit cinematic and deep, and I hope that your soul ascends higher and higher as you take in warm colors and the sonic aura that envelopes your soul. 

This session was inspired by the artist WINGS OF AN ANGEL, who has the perfect moniker for this particular session. I wanted to use only his music, but thought it would suffice to use quite a few pieces that I extracted from the amazing release OUR FORGOTTEN INFINITY AND THE ABSOLUTE ZERO. Upon my initial reaction of hearing this release, it brought the idea to me. Very inspiring. 

I am also happy to feature music from THE KOUKOUVAYA who put out WITCHES' JELLY. I pledged to include some of Witches' Jelly in this mix, and will do so again in a future session. I wanted to use all (3 separated) portions of the music within this release, but decided otherwise. Yes, it's really that amazing. I'm so very thankful to have been gifted this release and I can't recommend it enough. It's not often enough that I get presented with such amazingly inspired music, so for that I give my extreme gratitude. Don't forget to support the artists.

Turn on, tune in, sleep (as you ascend)...

  • “Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero (Excerpt I)” by Wings Of An Angel (I) from Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Too Little” by Danny Clay from Futuresequence4 (Start Time: 01:18)
  • “Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero (Excerpt II)” by Wings Of An Angel (II) from Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero (Start Time: 04:32)
  • “The Baptist” by Kreng from ...And Then In The Morning (Start Time: 09:22)
  • “Witches' Jelly (Excerpt)” by Thee Koukouvaya from Witches' Jelly (Start Time: 11:45)
  • “Erasing Traces” by Robert Rich from Calling Down The Sky (Start Time: 14:45)
  • “Any Other Name” by Thomas Newman from American Beauty Soundtrack (Start Time: 19:09)
  • “Spirit Allies” by Bruno Sanfilippo from Subliminal Pulse (Start Time: 23:02)
  • “Further Distances” by Andrew Lahiff from Free Floating Music: Conception (Start Time: 27:55)
  • “Die Dinge Sind Nie So Wie Sie Sind” by Bersarin Quartett from Bersarin Quartett (Start Time: 36:07)
  • “Organum” by Max Richter from The Blue Notebooks (Start Time: 38:34)
  • “Tired Wings (Excerpt)” by The Echelon Effect from Atlantic (Start Time: 41:39)
  • “Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero (Excerpt III)” by Wings Of An Angel (III) from Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero (Start Time: 43:50)
  • “Blame It On The Falling Sky” by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 49:39)
  • “Atomos XI” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from Atomos (Start Time: 50:50) 
  • “Graceful” by Paul Avgerinos from Sky Of Grace (Start Time: 56:04)

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