Wednesday, June 22, 2016

once we reach the other side

Let's prepare for a journey into the deep realm of summer by celebrating the solstice (which was, by the way, the 21st of June). It was officially the longest day of the year and the midway point in summer. This means that, unfortunately, the days will begin to get shorter. Knowing this, I've toiled in developing a colorful scene to ease you into the remaining warm months, aware of the importance of aligning and balancing your conscious thoughts within your subconscious mind. Every step was taken to assure that your entry into a mental overhaul is optimal.

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. It brings and energy and renewal that I've been yearning for a very long time. Even with things not completely going my way, Mother Earth has a way of shining a light upon the turmoil that may exist and depletes my anguish. If there is one small tribute that I can muster, it's this. I celebrate my joy through music during this season that rewards me with cool things like fishing, throwing a Frisbee, riding bike, and flying kites.

Thank you for your outpouring support, and keep supporting the artists that provide us with amazingly colorful journeys into their world. Tell them that tonepoet sent you.


Turn on, tune in, sleep...

  • “Sleeping Giant” by Jonsi & Alex from Riceboy Sleeps (Start Time: 00:00)
  • "Dream” by The Monk By The Sea from Soundscapes (Start Time: 05:07)
  • “All Moving Over The Earth (Augen Edit)” by Aqob from All Things Converge (Start Time: 08:01)
  • “Slipped Time” by Bruno Sanfillipo from Subliminal Pulse (Start Time: 10:18)
  • “My Momma Pinned A Rose On Me” by Esmerine from Lost Voices (Start Time: 14:40)
  • “The Empty Sky (Excerpt)” by Anugma from The Lightness Of Being (Start Time: 21:10)
  • “Drawing Curtains (Excerpt)” by umber from Mornings Pass EP (Start Time: 23:59)
  • “Atomos VII (Excerpt)” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from Erased Tapes VII (Start Time: 25:31)
  • “On The Way (Space Cavaran) (Excerpt)” by Michael Stearns from Encounter (Start Time: 27:48)
  • “Strange Wind” by Bing & Ruth from Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (Start Time: 28:36)
  • “Waking Up” by Purl from A Quiet Awakening (Start Time: 34:10)
  • “Only In The Dark” by Ben Lukas Boysen from Gravity Soundtrack (Start Time: 37:10)
  • “Vaportrails Crossing In A Deep Blue Sky (Dust In Essence) (Excerpt)” by Microvolt from Falling (Start Time: 40:10)
  • “Mig dreymdi um fjöll og sjó” by A Model Kit from þögn (Start Time: 41:55)
  •  “Kinookimaw” by Ben Woods from Halcyon EP (Start Time: 44:42)
  • “Eternity” by Emily Hall from Bigo & Twigetti Winter 2014 Sampler (Start Time: 47:31)
  • “Sileo” by Rhian Sheehan from Stories From Elsewhere (Start Time: 49:42)
  • “Equal To Moments Of Completion” by Celer from Sky Limits(Start Time: 52:01)
  • “In The Androgynous Dark” by Brambles from Charcoal (Start Time: 54:46)

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