Saturday, July 8, 2017

mental drift vol. 2 (still drifting)

Today we will continue a journey that we began a while back, and in doing so, we will step off with the same tapestry that we ended with on that first leg of the venture. Our desire to remain in a state of fluidity is driven by the need to coexist with those factors which seem to deplete our mental and creative flow and disrupt progress and forward momentum. Let's not create the current which exists to carry us upward and onward, but rather surrender to the woven colors and enter a dreamlike state where we rise above our earthly floor. This is where we can put our obstacles in better perspective to achieve our dreams.

As you begin your drift, be sure to mute cell phones and other distracting devices so as to fortify and enhance the experience of taking in every possible creative morsel to fill you hungry mind. With a blank slate, you will be able to craft your own artistically driven journey with colors that only you imagine and execute into a carefully developed tapestry.  Hang this beautiful creation that is unique to you within that universe of your mind that holds the things which you cherish and save for later times when called for. Enjoy the journey and keep drifting. Peace.


  • “Metamorphosis 2 (Philip Glass) (Excerpt)” by Murcof x Vanessa Wagner from Statea (Start Time: 00:16)
  • “Through Summer Rooms” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 01:03)
  • “Nothing Good” by Murdercubs from Future Violence (Start Time: 06:34)
  • “Looping 08.09.16” by An Imaginal Space from Dreamings (Start Time: 08:59)
  • “Blossom” by Chandeliers from Music For Disappearing (Start Time: 12:22)
  • “Two Zero Plus 16” by Autistici from Illuminations (Start Time: 14:36)
  • “Moving Away (Excerpt)” by Cousin Silas from Amidst Silence (Start Time: 17:06)
  • “Subtext” by John Foxx & Harold Budd from Translucence (Start Time: 20:54)
  • “Emancipation” by Helios from Eingya (Start Time: 26:43)
  • “Until Next Time” by Good Weather For An Airstrike from Torpor (Start Time: 29:04)
  • “A Requiem For Dead Strangers” by Tonepoet & Wings Of An Angel from Resonate / Reason Nitrate (Start Time: 31:36)
  • “Articulate Silences Part 1” by Stars Of The Lid from And Their Refinement Of The Decline (Start Time: 38:18)
  • “Graceful” by Paul Avgerinos from Sky Of Grace (Start Time: 43:25)
  • “You Gave Me Rest And Called Me Child” by The Eager Seas from T H E W I L D E R N E S S Y E A R (Start Time: 47:33)
  • “Some Way Through All The Cities” by John Fox & Harold Budd from Drift Music (Start Time: 49:56)
  • “Stardust” by The Monk By The Sea from LoFi Dreams (Start Time: 53:27)
  • “Meet The Caterpillar” by Kryshe from March Of The Mysterious (Start Time: 55:47)
  • “Goat Fell (Excerpt)” by David Lamin from Arran (Start Time: 58:05)

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