Friday, January 26, 2018

the universe within you

After a very brief (yet well warranted) detour on our journey through the cosmos, our mental space pod is once again ready for boarding to yet another destination that is not altogether definable. Rather, the journey that we are undertaking is to collect the many surreal images that our beloved universe possesses. With this session of aural projection, I've granted your mind's eye an opportunity to gain snapshots of beauty and solace as we drift to the edge of the universe. While you might be tempted to take a giant leap past the galactic wall to satisfy your temptation, it is at this event horizon that we will rest, and reminisce about everything in life that has made it such an amazing voyage for you. We will also use this opportunity to realize that your glass is always half full, and that whatever grief or anguish that seems to weigh you down is indeed weightless in space. At this time, allow yourself to release this baggage to be devoured by the forgiving cosmos. During this ceremony, realize that it is not the destination itself that makes you who you become, but rather the journey to that destination.

As we let this session burrow its way into our ears and mind, let us not forget that the universe exists in a quite small space, smaller than what you imagined. We can assume that it lies entirely within that space between your ears. This is the space that matters the most, as it stores our precious memories, dreams, and wishes. It creates the colors and plots the passage to the bigger and better things in life for which we strive. Nourish this space with optimal means provided to allow yourself the benefit of reaping optimum solutions. For this purpose, I've amalgamated these tapestries for you, dear listener, in hopes that you will gift the same vibes to those around you in an attempt to make your universe a uniquely stellar one. Drift on and find that peace.

Set the compass for the edge of the universe then turn on, tune in, sleep...

  • “Liftoff” by Nobody from Nothing (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “The Seventh Sun (Excerpt)” by Michael Garrison from An Earth Star Trilogy (Start Time: 00:36)
  • “Be Something” by Dave Preston from Be (Start Time: 01:37)
  • “Now And Not Yet” by Hammock from Mysterium (Start Time: 05:07)
  • “Wake” by Ben Woods from Passing Interval (Start Time: 11:01)
  • “Casualty” by Factory from Home (Start Time: 14:09)
  • “On A Grey Sea” by Inchoate from If It Were Quiet (Start Time: 17:17)
  • “City Lights” by Kylmyys from Dawn (Start Time: 21:02)
  • “Gathering Waves” by Matti Bye from This Forgotten Land (Start Time: 25:33)
  • “Senescence” by The Greatest Hoax from Expiration Compositions (Start Time: 28:31)
  • “Starstuff 1” by Vangelis from Rosetta (Start Time: 30:59)
  • “Ocean Theme (Time For Sushi)” by Jamie Vance from Unknown (Start Time: 35:35)
  • “G2” by Zeos from Fairytale Pt. 3 (Start Time: 37:13)
  • “Rain Of Stars” by Poemme from Constellations III (Ambient Reflections – The Bright Side) (Start Time: 42:04)
  • “Flow” by Inchoate from If It Were Quiet (Start Time: 47:01)
  • “Adrift” by Quantum Collisions from Quantum Collisions (Start Time: 51:47)
  • “Sundrive” by Phorous from Sundrive EP (Start Time: 56:55)

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