Wednesday, April 10, 2019

at the edge of this world

Let's embark on a path that takes us to to the edge of the world to get a glimpse among the stars. We'll need a special tapestry to aid us in our liftoff and provide us with security while experiencing zero gravity. Do not be afraid of letting your mind go for a mere hour of the journey. Rest assured that you old boy Tonepoet will guide you safely during every phase of our semi-astral deployment (I am and will always be right alongside you during our journeys). 

It is time to find that envelope that separates the seam of our world and the beyond. Within this envelope is a key that could be hidden in a tight corner pocket of the envelope, just out of sight. We can't find it with our eyes, we find it with our ears and mind. Use this key to start the engine to the pod that we will call our home for this session. The eyes create a specific friction that we call 'distraction' and it robs us of our peaceful and effortless travels to that universe where we unlock the secrets of creative mobility and boundless potential. It isn't our eyes to create pathways that are instrumental in the creative means to achieve situational success. Rather, it is our minds that are the Rube Goldberg machinery for which we develop our innovative resolve. Let's assemble that aural contraption that brings us closer to understanding that galaxy beyond our own. With this said contraption, we will succeed staying grounded while having a head full of stars. A complex yet perfected amalgamation of space music and earthy colors allows us to saddle these alternately diverse scenarios.

There is nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds (or the stars) and keeping your feet planted firmly upon Mother Earth. As we taste the stars and bathe within the cosmos, allow yourself to become replenished and renewed with an appreciation of your existence. Share this session with a fellow traveler in need of aural transmission to escape the hum-drum of their routine.

Turn on, tune in, ascend...

  • “All Systems Go” by Nobody from Nothing (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Ascend Ascend” by Circadian Eyes from A Future Nostalgic (Start Time: 00:35)
  • “Cloudform” by zarr. from Cloudform (Start Time: 03:03)
  • “Toward The Sun (Featuring Levi Patel)” by Rhian Sheehan from A Quiet Divide (Start Time: 06:04)
  • “Wallflower” by Theater Of Romance & City Of Dawn from Wallflower (Split Album) (Start Time: 10:45)
  • “Blue Horizon” by Christian Larsen from Discord & Discontent Vol. 1 (Start Time: 14:31)
  • “Harmony” by Alex Cohen from Unknown (Start Time: 16:52)
  • “Coming Home” by Borrtex from Distant Sphere (Start Time: 21:13)
  • “It’s Wonderful Out There (Excerpt)” by Chasing Dreams from Ascesa (Start Time: 23:29)
  • “Ancient Temples Of Proxima Centauri B (Excerpt)” by Carbon Entity from Within The Cosmic Void (Start Time: 25:31)
  • “High Tide” by Warmth from Illuminations (The New Year 2017 Free Compilation (Start Time: 31:01)
  • “Satellite 2” by Professor Kliq from Athene’s Theory Of Everything: The Original Soundtrack (Start Time: 38:04)
  • “Sphere” by Parks from Umber (Start Time: 40:02)
  • “Starscape IV” by QOQOON from Starscape (Start Time: 41:52)
  • “Arrival At The End Of Journey” by Cold Womb Descent from Cold Womb Descent (Start Time: 43:27)
  • “Starlight” by Nico Maximilian from Unknown (Start Time: 45:00)
  • “There Is Always A Reason” by Borrtex from The Impulse (Start Time: 49:05)
  • “Mirrorside (Excerpt)” by Causeyoufair from In Blue On A Vaporous Sky (Start Time: 50:00)
  • “Bouvet Triple Junction” by Mummer from Discord & Discontent Vol. 1 (Start Time: 52:01)
  • “Orbital Mechanics” by In The Branches & Bluetech from Behind The Sky (Start Time: 54:12)

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