Tuesday, July 9, 2019

the world has not forgotten you

Salutations, my friends. We've had a good few voyages that have led us to new creative boundaries, and it is yet again time to board the space pod for a trek into and through the majestic cosmos. We'll be temporarily enveloped in the sparkling light that illuminates the non-reflective void of space as we set the controls for a new destination of solace and beauty.

To believe that this particular outing does not include you, or that you have no time for the journey, is to be very mistaken. It is a fallacy to insist that the space pod co-piloted by your boy Tonepoet has limited seating and will steal your time away without any incentive. There was a time when I complained I didn't have enough time to do anything until a good friend (with way more complications, liabilities, and responsibilities than I) told me that it is useless to find the time and rather we must make the time. Set aside this piece of the day for yourself to rejuvenate and re-calibrate those vital synapses that are necessary to keep your forward momentum pushing into the stars. 

While there are so many pressing issues and things of importance in your life that seem to overshadow your own preservation and well-being, these issues can't find their way to the path of resolution without that vehicle of transportation being in tip-top shape. That vehicle that I'm referring to is your own vessel: the physical, spiritual, and mental self. Take this mere hour-ish of time to realize that you are indeed an individual of importance that is needed and valued as an asset to Mother Earth. Don't forget that despite the obstacles that distract you and weigh you down are not as important as you the individual. When you feel as though the pressure of insignificance bears down on you, press it back up with elephant legs and push through. You matter, and the crew here at Spaceman's Transmissions is depending up you as a team member to assist in flight control guidance.

Keep in mind that you matter and that the world has not forgotten you no matter how deep in the mire of responsibilities and turmoil you seem to have waded into. Use this session to recharge your sense of being and to rise back to the top. I'll be standing by with another session of renewal and a towel for you to dry off. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, dry off and rise up...

(the very first song is a song off of an upcoming album, so, yeah, that song is thus far unreleased and actually a bit unfinished)

  • “The World Has Not Forgotten You” by Tonepoet from Kaleidoscope (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Perpetual Motion” by Danny Mulhern from Safe House EP (Start Time: 04:44)
  • “Loneliness Of Earth” by Matti Bye from This Forgotten Land (Start Time: 07:02)
  • “Humores IV” by Arafúra from Humores I-IV (Start Time: 10:16)
  • “I Thought You Were My Friend” by Hidden Sky from Afternoon Light (Start Time: 18:27)
  • “Acrace Septime” by Julien Boulier from A Film Not Yet Made (Start Time: 22:51)
  • “Last Days” by CloudFall & Tonepoet from Forgotten Hymns (Start Time: 27:41)
  • “Remember Our Bewildered Son” by Hammock from Mysterium (Start Time: 31:06)
  • “D Mixolydian” by Jamie McMenamy from Ambient Bass 01 (Start Time: 35:47)
  • “City Lights” by Kylmyys from Dawn (Start Time: 38:25)
  • “And Then I Forgot (Wyoming)” by Tim Linghaus from About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings) (Start Time: 42:11)
  • “Shorelines” by Richard Norris from Abstractions Vol. 1 (Start Time: 42:48)
  • “Pine” by Olan Mill from Pine (Start Time: 48:03)
  • “01 12-41 AM (Arafúra Remix)” by Hotel Neon from Hotel Neon (Context Remixed) (Start Time: 50:18)
  • “Pulling Up The Sheets” by The Greatest Hoax from Expiration Compositions (Start Time: 55:24)

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