Saturday, February 8, 2020

the sky is not the limit

Hello, and many greetings, dear listeners. I wandered a bit off course in effort to calibrate the controls to enable us optimal performance in drifting above the grey clouds above that we believe to our limitations. Let us be on our voyage.

While you would think that reaching just beyond this curtain of grey is the final destination of achieving your zenith, this is merely the prologue to life's true journey. Just beyond that lies a sky of blue which will give you a better glimpse of the sparkling cosmos. Beyond that which you cannot see or fathom is your true potential. No one can tell you where that ends, and you yourself cannot even know, as it is not the end of the journey that matters, it is the journey itself. 

The journey's end is a vital goal, but reaching that does not unveil your potential. The arc of your potential is actually a milestone to a greater thing. Reach beyond the sky, grasp your real dream and live to be the better you.

Turn on, tune in, go above and beyond...

(note: the first track is from an upcoming album of mine which will be released very soon, everything's finished, awaiting some final production)

  • “The Sky Is Not The Limit” by Tonepoet from Kaleidoscope (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “The Dawning” by Abstract Aprils from The Dawning (Start Time: 03:31)
  • “Dusk Magic” by Richard Norris from Abstractions Vol. 2 (Start Time: 04:43)
  • “The Dry Sun” by Alex Tiuniaev from Where  The Birds Nest (Start Time: 06:17)
  • “A Moment Of Growing Wings And Flying” by BEDsHELi from Nue (Start Time: 09:59)
  • “I Was Atoms And Waves (Reprise Pt. II)” by Tim Linghaus from About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings) (Start Time: 14:32)
  • “Open Door” by Jim Wallis from Europa (Start Time: 16:01)
  • “Dark Beyond The Blue” by Hammock from Longest Year (EP) (Start Time: 17:34)
  • “Lost I” by The Fire And The Fog from Lost (Start Time: 21:58)
  • “#01 Monologue (Copy 2) (Excerpt)” by Tomotsugu Nakamura from Monologue (Start Time: 24:24)
  • “At The End” by winterTheives. from The Human You (Start Time: 25:36)
  • Show Us To The Sky” by The Balustrade Ensemble from Renewed Brilliance (Start Time: 29:41)
  • “Home” by Slleepwalker from Lonley (Ambient Album) (Start Time: 34:23)
  • “Leaving The Ground” by Radical Face from Missing Film (Start Time: 35:07)
  • “II. Sunlight Kisses Upon Rosy Cheeks” by Ashen Swan from An Ode To Trains (Start Time: 37:11)
  • “Far Out There” by Sergey Cheremisinov from The Healing (Start Time: 40:47)
  • “Returning” by Aperire from Aperire (Start Time: 42:29)
  • “Lost V (Excerpt)” by The Fire & The Fog from Lost (Start Time: 44:30)
  • “Ukeire (Excerpt)” by zarr. from Cloudform (Start Time: 45:01)
  • “Heliopause” by Anne Mueller from Heliopause (Start Time: 48:49)
  • “Sleep Well Diana” by Ashot Danielyan from Diana (Start Time: 51:13)
  • “Linear” by halftribe from Backwater Revisited (Start Time: 54:26)

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