Sunday, November 22, 2020

waiting for the sun to arise

In my particular sector upon Mother Earth, the days are getting shorter and colder, and seeing the sun in the morning is a ceremony that seems lost. Even with sleep being a hobby of mine, I nonetheless cherish that small bit of time that I get to spend watching the sun birth from the edge of the world. It takes longer and longer, and I often wonder if I will indeed spend the entire season in the shadows while anticipating a daily thaw from that voyaging star of illumination.
Winter in my sector of our spinning globe is getting shorter, and my good friend the Sun has been taking this opportunity to hibernate and prepare us for an awakening. My moments within this solar tide are limited. What time that I do have basking in the golden rays become a ceremonious event. While I love my sleep (oh, how I do!), these sacred bites of time with the Sun illuminate the dismal fog that can from time to time pollute the mind with lethargic motion, breaking away the layer of smog that dampen creative flow and an ocean of solace and joy. 

This tapestry was amalgamated using the freshest ingredients with only organic means of production and distribution. Utilize this solar prescription to climb to a place closer to this cosmic lightbulb. 

Turn on, tune in, watch the sun rise...

** This mix was featured by Planetarium (Helioscope) with an addition 15 minutes curated by him. Here is the link to that version:

  • “Dawn” by Running In Slow Motion from Dawn And Almost Dawn (Forgotten Melody) (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “We All Fall Down” by Radical Face from Missing Film (Start Time: 03:40)
  • “Tint” by Midst from EP 2 (Start Time: 05:54)
  • “An Isolated Railway” by Halo from The Places Series (Collection) (Start Time: 06:37)
  • “She, Bathed In Spring Light (Excerpt)” by Ashen Swan from (Live at Todd Beamer Center) (Start Time: 09:28)
  • “Linear” by Benoit Pioulard from Persona (Start Time: 12:38)
  • “I Was Atoms And Waves (Reprise, Pt. V)” by Tim Linghaus from About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings) (Start Time: 15:20)
  • “Galerie” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from IRIS Soundtrack (Start Time: 17:00)
  • “Cold Front” by Hammock from Departure Songs (Start Time: 19:15)
  • “Parts” by Jogging House from Chants (Start Time: 25:56)
  • “O3” by Zeos from Mars (Start Time: 32:57)
  • “You And I” by The Living Sleep from Remnants (Start Time: 34:18)
  • “Thermal” by Russ Young from Tunnels To Float Through (Start Time: 38:48)
  • “Hyperlexia (Intro)” by Araf├║ra from Concepts, Themes and Experiments (Start Time: 47:19)
  • “Solo? Repeat!” by Anne Meuller from Heliopause (Start Time: 48:46)
  • “Lost In Motion (Excerpt)” by Ben Woods from Lost In Motion (Start Time: 54:50)
  • “Breathe” by Andrew Heath from Lighting Beacons (Start Time: 56:34)


Shel Lynn said...

Aabsolutely so beautiful. This is my favorite episode of your work thus far! Thank you!!

Shel Lynn said...

Your podcast is a lifesaver - thank you for sharing your wonderful talent w/ the world

Shel Lynn said...

I found this podcast via Calm Pills

Shel Lynn said...

I found this podcast ia Calm Pills, & I love them both