Sunday, December 17, 2023

mental drift, vol. 3

My fellow travelers of the aural universe, I'm so very happy to have you all here as we lazily flow into a continuation of the Mental Drift series. As with any amalgamation that is woven, special consideration is given to those of you that may feel alarmed by disruptive and angular sonic anomalies. Our mission here at the Spaceman's Transmissions laboratory is optimized towards the analyzation of our sketches. It is during these rigorous processes that the removal of diluted mish-mash and scratchy, if not, dull and turbulent static are discarded. Dear listeners, we have baked you a morsel of mental release made with only the freshest natural ingredients. All allergy free.
This sweetly baked bite-sized snack is a mere hour(ish) of an escape journey, and is one which requires only a very tiny fraction of of your devotion. This will allow you to paint your grey matter with colorful light and provide your creative spirit a smooth path inward towards your cerebral control center. Allow the gears of your mind the pleasure of connecting with what really matters: you! Sink deep into your own universe, you owe yourself that. There will be no bumps or turbulence along the way, as we are drifting calmly and slowly upon a mental breeze of comfort and beauty. Take a moment to gaze skyward and marvel at how wonderful you are. Celebrate your uniqueness with a smile and a sense of motivation towards your utopian sunset. Don't hurry through this journey. Rather, let the slight breeze set the course of the voyage. It will steadily (and purposefully) carry you to where your creative oasis resides. Stay there awhile, and rejoice over the beauty of everything around you. Your old boy Tonepoet is there to ensure that your mellow flight of peace is every bit as rejuvenating as it should be. 
Revisit Spaceman's Transmissions often, and invite your loved ones along so that they, too, may take advantage of the mental reset that we afford everyone. The journey was, is, and always will be a free ticket to the calm skies within your amazingly underappreciated personal space: the galaxy between your ears.
Turn on, tune in, drift away...


  • “Station ID” by Tonepoet’s Daughter from Goodnight, Lady (Start Time: 00:00)
  •  “Space Travel” by Ancient Astronaut from Through The Tunnel of Love (Start Time: 00:31)
  • “Two Divers” by Isik Kural from Maya's Night (Start Time: 02:42)
  • “Follow the Stream Entry” by J. Arif Verner from From A Distant Horizon [Remastered Edition] (Start Time: 04:43)
  • “116” by Hidden Sky from 3 (Start Time: 08:24)
  • “Nummer 2” by Anne Mueller from Heliopause (Start Time: 11:11)
  • “Words Appear Lost” by An Imaginal Space from Anniversaries (Start Time: 16:41)
  • “Layered Sun” by William St Hugh from Anomaly (Start Time: 17:57)
  • “Before We Were Born (Bonus Track)” by Hammock from The Sleepover Series, Volume Two (Start Time: 20:09)
  • “Audition” by Jim Wallis from Return Train (Start Time: 26:18)
  • “Through Summer Rooms” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 31:03)
  • “Hypermorph Swingstellar X” by Rikaar from Malin 1 (Start Time: 36:39)
  • “Damaged” by Endless Melancholy from A Perception Of Everything (Start Time: 41:30)
  • “Live and Die (Excerpt)” by Spencer Bott from Abstract Reflex (Start Time: 45:53)
  • “Icebergs Melt (Excerpt)” by Static Storm from Burial At Sea (Start Time: 48:18)
  • “Empty Packs Of Thai Cigarettes” by Benoît Pioulard from These Clouds… (Start Time: 50:58)
  • “Carta Atlántica II (Excerpt)” by bahía mansa & Yama Yuki from Cartas Náuticas (Start Time: 55:09)

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