Wednesday, May 1, 2024

drifting to the Imaginary North

Drifting_To_The_Imaginary_North_Alternate_bkm...Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend/Nacht (CIRCLE ONLY ONE, PLEASE), dear listeners. I am ecstatic to be able to deliver to you a uniquely fresh tapestry of solace and beauty. This quest was brought to life from a single entity that ascends skyward to the highest reaches of the IMAGINARY NORTH. You might be asking 'well, what makes THIS particular episode so unique?". Well, it's a celebratory session of the glorious label IMAGINARY NORTH, curated by ambient artist extraordinaire KILOMETRE CLUB (Daniel Field). Having started in 2022 (a mere 2 years since publishing this), the label is already leading the charge in finding unbelievably focused artists that are producing some of the finest ambient moments. Yes, dear listener, all selections (and much more) can be found via a single BANDCAMP page (drift there, thank me later).

This amalgamation of sound is GMO-free and enriched with nutritious inspiration to replenish the minds of carbon-based souls. If you've been looking for a single source of flawless serenity within an oasis of sound and color, look no further, I'm leading your right to it. A single path to a source chocked full of unlimited opportunities for quenching your mind with symphonic enrichment within the ambient realm?!? Say no more. I've got you covered and you didn't even need a doctor's prescription for it.

As we begin the ascent towards the IMAGINARY NORTH, allow your vessel to relax and sink a bit deeper into your soul cushion. The slight shifting that you feel is merely your deep breaths as they inhale the mystique of each sketch. These sketches will funnel into a grand tapestry. Take a moment to gaze upon an amalgamation in process as it conjures up a blissful mosaic that represents our peaceful journey to the IMAGINARY NORTH.

Turn on, tune in, drift to the Imaginary North...



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