Monday, June 18, 2012

lullabies for cosmonauts

  • “Apollo Moon Landing” by, Released (N/A) Start Time: 00:00)
  •  “Space Intro” by Steve Miller Band (Capitol), Released May 1976 (Start Time: 00:01)
  • “Over The Horizon Radar” by Boards Of Canada from Geogaddi (Warp Records), Released February 19, 2002 (Start Time: 01:08)
  • “Journey To The Sun” by Adham Shaikh from Journey To The Sun (Instinct Records), Released June 17, 1995 (Start Time: 02:00)
  • “Cloud Space” by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana from Innerzone (Projekt), Released November 30, 2001 (Start Time: 15:08)
  • “Sunbeam” by Tomorrowland from Sequence Of The Negative Space Changes (Kranky), Released January 1, 1998 (Start Time: 21:22)
  • “Star Dreams (Peace Eternal)” by Michael Stearns from Encounter (Hearts Of Space Records), Released January 1, 1988 (Start Time: 26:25)
  • “When The Sun Has Failed To Shine For You” by Koda from Movements (Infraction Records), Released December 28, 2004 (Start Time: 30:17)
  • “Pan Galactic” by Jonn Serrie from The Stargazer’s Journey (New World Music), Released September 30, 2003 (Start Time: 35:21)
  • “Suns That Circling Go” by Helios from Unomia (Kranky), Released November 30, 2003 (Start Time: 44:41)
  • “Startoucher” by Biosphere from Patashnik (Biophon Records), Released November 30, 1993 (Start Time: 47:34)
  • “Sun(Rise)” by Klimek from Milk And Honey (Kompact Germany), Released May 11, 2004 (Start Time: 52:30)
  • “Wind, Power Lines, And Birds (Excerpt)” by Jon Tulchin from Unknown (Unknown), Released Unknown (Start Time: 59:56)


Unknown said...

Any chance you can fix the download link mate, doesn't seem to be working

Tonepoet said...

It should work (temporarily). It will lead you to my account and the file can be downloaded there. I'll move the file to Podbean like the others when I get a chance. Thanks!

Unknown said...

It worked, thank you