Saturday, August 18, 2012

guitars gently weaved


“Where Were You” by Jeff Beck from Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop With Terry Bozzio And Tony Hymas (Sony BMG Music Entertainment), Released October 3, 1989 (Start Time: 00:00)

“Ithaca” by Lyle Workman from Tabula Rasa (Infrared), Released October 9, 2006 (Start Time: 03:12)

“Braun-Yr-Aur” by Led Zeppelin from Physical Graffiti (Atlantic Records), Released February 24, 1975 (Start Time: 05:54)

“Ah Via Musicom” by Eric Johnson from Ah Via Musicom (Capitol), Released March 20, 1990 (Start Time: 07:43)

“Xanadu (Excerpt)” by Rush from Exit…Stage Left (Anthem/Mercury), Released October 29, 1981 (Start Time: 09:38)

“Sometimes It Snows In April” by Prince from Under The Cherry Moon (Warner Brothers), Released January 1, 1986 (Start Time: 11:52)

“Partington Cove Suite” by Carl Verheyen from Solo Guitar Improvisations (Chase Music), Released May 22, 2001 (Start Time: 13:05)

“1983…(A Mermaid I Should Turn To Be)” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Electric Ladyland (Reprise), Released October 25, 1968 (Start Time: 16:07)

“Because It’s There” by Michael Hedges from Ariel Boundaries (Sbme Special Mkts.), Released July 2, 1984 (Start Time: 18:19)

“The Count Of Tuscany” by Dream Theater from Black Clouds And Silver Linings (Roadrunner Records), Released June 23, 2009 (Start Time: 21:14)

“Opening Above” by Carl Verheyen from Slingshot (CMG / Mighty Tiger Records), Released April 28, 1998 (Start Time: 24:37)

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1 & 2” by Pink Floyd from Wish You Were Here (Harvest / Columbia / CBS), Released September 12, 1975 (Start Time: 25:48)

“Peace Island” by Jeff Beck & Jed Lieber from Frankie’s House (Epic Soundtrax), Released January 12, 1993 (Start Time: 30:14)

“Cathedral” by Van Halen from Diver Down (Warner Brothers), Released April 14, 1982 (Start Time: 32:39)

“Is There Anybody Out There” by Pink Floyd from The Wall (Harvest Records / EMI Records / Columbia Records), Released November 30, 1979 (Start Time: 33:55)

“Venus Isle” by Eric Johnson from Venus Isle (Capitol), Released September 3, 1996 (Start Time: 37:46)

“The Mothers” by I Mother Earth from Dig (Capitol), Released August 10, 1993 (Start Time: 38:29)


Gonzo said...

Awesome man...from a fellow guitarist who is getting into ambient for the first time, but grew up listening to and playing the kind of stuff in this mix. Keep up the great mixes-love your stuff. \m/ 0.0 \m/

Tonepoet said...

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, for me, ambient is such a departure from what I do or where I come from that it's a very pleasant genre of music for me. I enjoy the harmonic effectiveness, and the minimalism. Glad you enjoyed it and I have some pretty great mixes planned!