Tuesday, August 28, 2012

music for daydreamers


“Sigur 1 (Untitled)” by Sigur Rós from () (MCA), Released October 29, 2002 (Start Time: 00:00)

“Fertile Soil of Peace” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Round Sky Records), Released September 20, 2011 (Start Time: 06:24)

“Mumtaz” by Bombay Dub Orchestra from Bombay Dub Orchestra (Six Degrees), Released February 28, 2006 (Start Time: 11:13)

“Dawn” by The Cinematic Orchestra from Man With A Movie Camera (Nine Tune Records / Redeye), Released June 30, 2009 (Start Time: 15:14)

“Transmission Intermission” by Carbon Based Lifeforms from World of Sleepers (Ultimae Records), Released November 27, 2006 (Start Time: 19:07)

“The Things I Tell You” by Biosphere from Substrata (Thirsty Ear), Released October 21, 1997 (Start Time: 23:58)

“Other Years” by Jesus in Japan from Traces (Jesus in Japan), Released November 29, 2008 (Start Time: 29:13)

“09 4 14” by Global Communication from 76:14 (Arista), Released October 28 1997 (Start Time: 33:28)

“Delta Capricorni” by Between Interval from The Edge of a Fairytale (Spotted Peccary), Released April 14, 2009 (Start Time: 37:28)

“Tenochtitlan`s Numberless Bridges” by Andy Partridge and Harold Budd from Through the Hill (Ryko / Rhino), Released July 11, 2006 (Start Time: 43:59)

“Study in Scarlet” by 310 from The Recessional (The Leaf Label), Released October 21, 2003 (Start Time: 47:38)

“Dragons Chasing Their Tales” by EL Heath from Reflecting – Ambient and Loop Tracks Autumn 2006 (Netlabel), Released 2006 (Start Time: 49:59)

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