Sunday, January 20, 2013

soundtrack for time travel

I knew that in a prior post I said that I wasn't going to publish commentary, but I think that I can finally break silence at this point. I really want to talk about the mixes that I'm making, and I have some great ones planned.

It's been a while since I was able to post. I bought a new house and made a move over the past month. It was a very mentally and physically taxing process which is actually not over yet (but very, very close). I didn't have internet for a month, which made things difficult (sadly). But now I'm back up, and stoked about that.

This mix was made just before I started packing up my belongings to be moved (I did move all my belongings myself, cleaned and painted, over 10,000 pounds worth of crap). So the mix has been able to simmer a bit, and I've listened to it with great pleasure. I'm extremely excited to have discovered a few new gems (Cosmic Hoffmann, Divinity, and Johan Agebjorn) as well as had the opportunity to work with some reliable others (Adam Fielding, Between Interval, Global Communication). 

Time travel has always been a fascination of mine, and last month my son asked me why I couldn't time travel. Or fly. Or become invisible. From movies like Back To The Future, (H.G. Wells') Time Machine, and Donnie Darko (of which initially inspired the theme of this mix), it remains an interesting, but elusive desire. But if it ever is possible, I hope that the traveller finds this mix a perfect sonic accompaniment. Feel free to use this for your own time travel, be it physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or otherwise.

Support the artists, and as always, turn on, tune in, sleep...


“04 9 39” by Global Communication from 76:14 (Dedicated/BMG Records/Arista/Legacy/SME)
Released June 1994 (Start Time: 00:00)

 “Aeon” by Adam Fielding from Distant Activity (Magnatune), Released September 2008 (Start Time: 09:30)

“Forever And Ever” by Project Divinity from Divinity (Netlabel), Released August 21, 2006 (Start Time: 12:55)

“A New Day Arrives” by Johan Agebjorn from Mossebo (Spotted Peccary), Released September 9, 2008 (Start Time: 17:00)

“Wanderers Of Time (Excerpt)” by Cosmic Hoffmann from Beyond The Galaxy (Heart And Mind), Released 1999 (Start Time: 21:33)

“To My Future Past” by Ian Ion from Gringo Locomotion (Chill Tribe Records), Released December 10, 2007 (Start Time: 32:47)

“Portals In Time” by Between Interval from Edge Of A Fairytale (Spotted Peccary), Released April 14, 2009 (Start Time: 40:08)

“Later Phase” by Steve Roach from Midnight Moon (Projekt), Released April 6, 2000 (Start Time: 44:03)

“Opening To Beyond” by Numina from Evolving Visions (Gestalt Digital), Released March 11, 2009 (Start Time: 47:47)

“Between Realities” by Dreamstate from Between Realities (e-SPACE Recordings), Released October 24, 1998 (Start Time: 53:05)

“Time Travel” by Michael Andrews from Donnie Darko Soundtrack (Everlong), Released April 2, 2002 (Start Time: 57:32)


Tonepoet said...

Point well made. I'm under the assumption that a non-light (alpha particle notwithstanding) emitting based media player containing combinations of silica based soundwaves and uranium rich thoughtwaves would be able to make the trip with the traveler. Without a skip.

Uncle John said...

I actually enjoy commentary, when you feel you can. thanks for the mixes - I look every day to see if there is a new one!

Tonepoet said...

You are too kind, Uncle John. I'm extremely elated that my creations bring you great peace. I have 2 more works in progress that I'm brewing up, and should be posting one in about 2 weeks or so. Thank YOU for listening and enjoying, it is truly inspirational.