Tuesday, December 18, 2012

awaking silently before sunrise


“From A Solid To A Liquid” by Biosphere from Dropsonde (Touch), Released February 21, 2006 (Start Time: 00:00)

“After Rainfall” by Ora from After Rainfall (Fungal), Released 2003 (Start Time: 04:58)

“Breakwater At Dawn” by Cousin Silas from Geographics (Earth Monkey Productions Netlabel), Released Unknown (Start Time: 09:54)

“Geiss” by Igneous Flame from Oxana (Chillfactor10 Records), Released January 1, 2004 (Start Time: 11:21)

“Even If You’re Never Awake” by Stars Of The Lid from And Their Refinement Of The Decline (Kranky), Released April 3, 2007 (Start Time: 15:21)

“Between The Hours” by Rapoon from Tin Of Drum (Staalplaat), Released November 24, 1998 (Start Time: 24:26)

“A Dream Of A Spider” by Andrew Thomas from Pop Ambient (Kompakt Germany), Released February 17, 2009 (Start Time: 32:06)

“Flashing Emergency Lights” by Dave Preston from Soundtrack For Motion (CDBY), Released July 20, 2010 (Start Time: 36:12)

“Meditation 2” by Ishwish from Meditations (Magnatune), Released July 3, 2010 (Start Time: 40:17)

“The Clear Light” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Round Sky Music), Released September 20, 2011 (Start Time: 45:04)

“Midnight Submersion” by Cluster Balm from 1.0 (Blue Water Records), Released August, 2004 (Start Time: 51:42)

“Ascent” by Arcticology from Haven (Earth Mantra Netlabel), Released 2009 (Start Time: 55:29)


Uncle John said...

being a fan of SOTL, I love how you include them as often as you do... another stellar mix, thank you!

MarviniusMartinius said...

great listening pleasure, glad I found you. happy housewarming party....more mixes please.

MarviniusMartinius said...

Hail Spaceman

Been listening to this mix again and again, really the best ambient mix I've come across in cyberspace. Apart from Biosphere and SOTL I had never heard of the other artists, a true eye opener. After the beauty of √Čven if you're never awake', I thought the mix would have gone down in quality , but no....good till the end..
May your sandals never split going up-hill