Sunday, March 3, 2013


When my son was born, I was pretty clueless as to how to even manage taking care of a child. I had read some books, watched some videos, asked a lot of questions, but when the thing cried............ummmm. My wife and I took some advice from a friend of mine who had used the services of a house call baby nurse (is that a real job title?) that was well known in a circle of families with young babies who did all of the visits for free (Alaskan benefit since she was a registered nurse). She came over and did cognitive tests, seeing our son's abilities in reacting to certain stimulus, and finding out what to look for as far as mental development (is he following my voice, does he grab things, and so on).

Well, this nurse told us that one of the most important things to a newborn is rhythm. Since they have been conceived in the womb, they are so very familiar with the heartbeat. That rhythmic pulse is essential to their comfort. I was told that playing rhythmic music for the baby would soothe him. I opted for Prince. The nurse was correct; my son loved his evening car rides amid the snowy banks in Alaska (listening to booty music, ha!). 

Therefore, I'm serving up a very nice bit of ambient pulse, containing slight bits of rhythmic enhancement (booty music free, natch). This mix would be perfect as background music for your activities, driving, or any other activity that you see fit. I had a very large amount of music to choose from, and I believe that I've put together a perfect amalgamation.

Please enjoy this mix, it is probably one of my favorite ones (how can you love one child more than the other, hmmmmmmm........). Support the artists, and find peace within the music.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

  • "The Closed Eye View" by Stevie B-Zet from Archaic Modulation (Recycle Or Die), Released 1993 (Start Time: 00:00)
  • "Untitled 3" by Ulf Lohmann from Because Before (Kompakt), Released October 25, 2001 (Start Time: 08:35)
  • "Segue" by Shimmer from Escala 2.3.3 Snow (Escala Netlabel), Released April 20, 2012 (Start Time: 12:16)
  • "Saffron Slumber" by Sands from Escala 2.3.2 Water (Escala Netlabel), Released April 20, 2012 (Start Time: 19:43)
  • "Epick" by EL Heath from Reflecting (Ambient And Loop Tracks, Autumn 2006) (Phantom Channel Netlabel), Released 2006 (Start Time: 24:52)
  • "Liber" by Rhian Sheehan from Sequence2 (Future Sequence), Released November 10, 2011 (Start Time: 28:31)
  • "Melting Snow, Wind Through Trees" by Darren Harper from Sequence2 (Future Sequence), Released November 10, 2011 (Start Time: 32:09)
  • "Rainmaker" by Altus from The Hundredth Mantra (Earth Mantra), Released 2009 (Start Time: 35:30)
  • "Silent Currents 1, Pt. 5" by Erik Wollo from Silent Currents: Live At Star’s End (Projekt Records), Released September 13, 2011 (Start Time: 42:09)
  • "Be True" by Dave Preston from Be (CDBY), Released July 20, 2010 (Start Time: 47:04)
  • "The Tides Of Time" by Between Interval from Autumn Continent (Spotted Peccary), Released August 8, 2006 (Start Time: 50:59)
  • "Antennaria" by Biosphere from Substrata (Touch), Released June 25, 2006 (Start Time: 55:17)
  • "Asylum Tree" by Loop Guru from The Fountains Of Pardise (North South), Released June 15, 1999 (Start Time: 60:06)

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