Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hi, everyone. I've just created and posted on BANDCAMP an original project I'm undergoing under the name INFINITE_COIL (note: this will now lead to my new artist site as I'm now going by the name 'Tonepoet'). The music is free, so grab it. 

I'll be working on a mix with some of my own stuff mixed with some others. I shopped my music around (meaning finding a netlabel that would like to post it or whatever), but decided to go it alone and try my hand at creating a netlabel. Currently I developed RUSTED SUN,  [the Bandcamp page is HERE]. I'll also finish creating my Archive. org in the near future. 

I hope that you enjoy the music and that it brings you peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



Low Light Mixes said...

Awesome music Tom! Just bought & downloaded it. Can I use it in a mix?

Tonepoet said...

I would ABSOLUTELY honored if you would use one of my tunes. I also did a project with a friend under the name Harmony & Decay. You might dig that one, and you can the links at

Thanks, Dave, I really, REALLY appreciate all you've done to help me out!!