Friday, November 1, 2013

above, beyond

Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions. For this venture, we will set your thought-spacepod up nicely for your cosmic exploration. Delve into your innermost mind capsule for a bit, clear out the thought obstacles that hinder you, and project into a state of enduring peace. This mix is optimized for absolute relaxation and can be used in a number of ways. Mostly, it is to be used for sailing past the clouds, beyond the exosphere, and into the deep void. Using starlight as a beacon is permitted. However, do not be distracted by unnecessary influences such as random useless thoughts of anything but your creative flow. As you drift among the cosmos, reflect upon the beauty that life offers, and celebrate that. Upon reentry, your focus will be calibrated and thoughts will be aligned with purpose and motivation.

I purposely tried to mix it up with many diverse styles of music. A bit of ambient, a dash of shoegaze, and a smattering of ethnic colors. For me, and hopefully for you, it kept things a bit interesting. I've got some great guest mixes lined up, and this mix was inspired by those around me that are creating some amazing things. Once again, I'm revising the format of the track listing to make it easier on the eyes (and I promise, at least for quite a while, this will be my last revision).

Support the artists (like PHILLIP WILKERSON, whose music I used quite a bit in this mix). Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • 0:00 - "Overture" by Vangelis from Mythodea
  • 02:05 - "Sun Tracer Part 1" by Phillip Wilkerson from Sun Tracer
  • 08:10 - "A World Beneath The World (Excerpt)" by Labrathisattva from The View From Down Here
  • 17:07 - "Skies" by Dave Preston from Soundtrack For Motion
  • 19:29 -  "Sun Shines Through" by Gopal from Depth Of My Heart
  • 24:43 - "One Path Revealed (Excerpt)" by Paul Avgerinos from Balancing Spheres
  • 29:21 - "Adrift In Peace" by Phillip Wilkerson from Sun Tracer
  • 34:55 - "Launch Approval" by Vangelis from Blade Runner Trilogy: 25th Anniversary Edition
  • 36:49 - "Fading Away" by Vangelis from Blade Runner Trilogy: 25th Anniversary Edition
  • 39:31 - "Sun Tracer Part 2" by Phillip Wilkerson from Sun Tracer
  • 41:51 - "Looking At The Sky" by I’ve Lost from Futuresequence: Sequence 4
  • 47:51 - "Giant Leap" by Valdi Sabev from Impressions Volume 1
  • 50:01 - "Toto, I’ve Got A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore" by Michael Stearns from Planetary Unfolding
  • 54:37 - "Glittering" by Stellardrone from Seagull Overseas And Stellardrone


travis said...

great mix, really nice mix of styles. enjoyed it very much! cool cover art too...

Tonepoet said...

Very much appreciated, Travis! Thanks for enjoying, I hope that it brought you peace.

Uncle John said...

something seems wrong .. can you check the link please?

Tonepoet said...

Thanks for the heads up, Uncle John. It works now. Not sure what happened but I had to fix the link. Hope you enjoy this, I listened to this one quite a lot! Peace.

Tonepoet said...

I do have an uncropped image of this that is 1280 X 800. Email me at gtr(dot)tone(at)gmail(dot)com.