Wednesday, November 20, 2013

radio spot with the slow drift

Really happy to have the golden opportunity for one of my mixes to be broadcast over the airwaves. On Friday (November 22, 2013), THE SLOW DRIFT, which streams a show on the listener supported station WRFI.ORG, is hosting my brand new mix (entitled (Slowly Drifing) Light Years Away) at 7:00 EST! Really stoked!! Super special thanks to Andrew Hoffman who is the gracious host that granted me this amazing opportunity. I will be posting the non-edited for radio version here on Spaceman's Transmissions on Friday, and the radio version will be available on The Slow Drift website. 

All prior broadcasts are available on The Slow Drift website (listed above), and can also be streamed from Andrew's MIXCLOUD PAGE. Make sure that you tune in each and every episode, Andrew has one of the best features supporting ambient artists and his show is the best hour of anyone's week. Peace.

Turn on, definitely tune in (to WRFI!), sleep...


Low Light Mixes said...

This is so freakin' awesome!

Tonepoet said...

Thanks, man! A bigger thanks to you for definitely getting me up and running with all of this. Peace.