Saturday, February 1, 2014

guest mix: mote

Every so often I run across something that has me completely frozen, hanging on in anticipation of the next transition and trying to find the seams within the mixes. There are certain DJ's that seem to be able to take a very gigantic musical mixing pot, fill it up with the most diverse sounds and moods, and create a sonic template within a universe of emotion.  MOTE is one such individual. He has, to me, the same kind of twisted flair that attracts me to such DJ's like SILAS and FACTION. They just hear things differently and are able to draw upon such a large and diverse library that would seem intimidating to most, and I enjoy the sonic adventure that they weave when they throw caution to the wind. If these guys were cats, I would spend all day marveling how they land on their feet from whatever distance or direction.

Mote is based in Belgrade, Serbia. His mixes consist of deep atmospheres, laced with the laid back minimal warmth of electronic and organic sounds spiced with a wide range of field recordings and movie samples. Listening to his mixes are like watching movies unfold, and his musical guidance is creating the moods that travel in the same manner. I asked him to tell me about the method behind his madness. He provided me with this:

"I don't know how music actually works, but I'm sure that what it represents is a separate, totally autonomous reality where we can reward ourselves with incredible experiences. I like watching movies, but sometimes I only listen to them; the music, the sounds, the words. In mixing I do the opposite, trying to evoke images and movement, even dramaturgy through my audible experiences. Coming from Belgrade, Serbia where partying is a lifestyle, having slow meditative moments with music is a good thing."

So for download (and streaming) I bring to you a really incredible cinematic mix created by Mote. Part space music, part ambient, with elements of soundtrack based intensity. This one will make the bike riding playlist for me when it's time to do some trekking. I'm still finding new sounds in this every time I listen to it. Check out more incredibly crafted wizardry from Mote on his MIXCLOUD page. Peace.


  • 0:00 - 'Transmission/Intermission' by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • 03:46 - 'Suspicious' by M. Ostermeier
  • 06:27 - 'Me And G' by Yuki Marata
  • 12:55 - 'Pink And Golden Billows' by Brambles
  • 15:26 - 'Mistletoe Lane' by Clem Leek
  • 21:43 - 'Conversations' by ASC
  • 27:10 - 'Egg (Plane a Rium Session)' by Yellow
  • 34:07 - 'Light A Lantern On The Water' by Rothko
  • 34:57 - 'REM Sleep' by Rothko
  • 37:59 - 'Deleted Scene II' by Synth Sense
  • 44:21 - 'Like That Of The Sky' by Codona
  • 49:53 - 'Surface Of Your Skin' by Offthesky
  • 54:50 - 'Escape Kit' by Juxta Phona & Offthesky
  • 62:22 - 'Mass Transit Railway' by Monolake
  • 69:25 - 'Moby's Night Out' by Ernst Reijseger

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