Tuesday, May 13, 2014

pretty amazing news via low light mixes

If you've been keeping up with me (or not) on this blog, you know what a huge amount of debt that I owe to Dave Michuda at LOW LIGHT MIXES. He got me set up in every way, answering each and every one of my annoying questions in great detail about how to host MP3's, starting a site with Blogger, all about Mixcloud, and a whole slew of other great resources. He was incredibly cool about everything, and offered his extensive knowledge freely. Because of him, my bike rides are colorful with sounds, my waking moments are engulfed in taking new sounds, and my ears are enriched with fresh vibe. That's why I love to host mixes; while I can't repay him directly, I try to pay it forward and lift up others. Yep, Dave is like my Papa Bear! Ha!

Well, he recently posted on his blog a spot on MIXCLOUD FAVORITES. I don't know if he intentionally put me at the top of this list, but I'm going to take a moment to stroke my ego and imagine so. Haha! But seriously, being a mention as one of his Mixcloud favorites is HUGE to me. Kind of like Elvis calling my dad. Only not as strangely morbid. Because we all know that Elvis lives on Mars with the Bat Boy. Thanks, Dave! Peace.

**we'll get that beer we had planned, I'll make my way back at some point, I promise!**

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