Wednesday, May 28, 2014

for the lonely souls

Most of the time that I do my really deep music listening, it's when I'm lost within my own thoughts. I don't have to converse with others, do any sort of active reasoning on anything, or have judgments or ponder solutions. My mind is a sponge, open and dynamic, my mood and feelings shaped by oncoming colors that slowly build castles in my mind.

I created this mix for the sleepers, for those needing time to put on headphones and breathe deeply, the ones who want to hear the thoughts within their own grey matter without obstruction, the souls that want to have a soundtrack for a moment in their lives, the ones who need a backdrop for contemplative the end, it's for the listener that craves a bit of solace in a chaotic world, and to aid your soul searching, surrounded by the colors of peace and solitude.

I spend a lot of my day being very social, collaborating with musicians, and the working on projects. When I unwind, I lose myself into the hypnotic universe of sound, emptying my cerebral flow of analytical thoughts. I end up losing way more sleep than I should, just to make time for hearing new music, and trying to learn something new. My wish is that you are able to fill the void within your soul that yearns for an aural blanket to caress your thoughts and create the mental escape pod that takes you above and beyond daily turmoil. Support the artists, and enjoy. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • “Clocks & Rain” by Tonepoet from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “By A Moving River” by David Arkentsone from Ambient World (Start Time: 00:25)
  • “The Clear Light” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Start Time: 06:12)
  • “Fraction Amber” by Emmalee Crane from Crowd Of Reeds (Start Time: 10:54)
  • “Take A Drink From My Hands” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 15:14)
  • “Eg Anda (Excerpt)” by Sigur Ros from Valtari (Start Time: 19:59)
  • “The Man With Link’s Hair” by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 22:55)
  • “February” by Rhian Sheehan from Seven Tales Of The North Wind (Start Time: 24:53)
  • “The Brightest Lights In The Darkest Skies” by Ben Woods from Moments (Start Time: 32:43)
  • “Inerosion” by Emmalee Crane from Formantine (Start Time: 35:50)
  • “Ideals Or Hopes” by Helios from Moiety (Start Time: 37:41)
  • “The Daughters Of Quiet Minds” by Stars Of The Lid from And Their Refinement Of The Decline(Start Time: 41:09)
  • “Cad Goddeu” by Nest from Nest (Start Time: 54:09)
  • “The Fall” by Stenbit from The Fall (Start Time: 58:07)

2 comments: said...

Your doing Great Things here Tom... I totally Zen out to your Music, and feel I'm among the Stars with my telescopes!. :o)

Tonepoet said...

Thanks, Phillip, I TOTALLY appreciate your support, no kidding!! It keeps me inspired and allows me to keep doing what I'm doing.