Sunday, August 3, 2014

ben woods

I'm about 90% done with my next mix as I'm finishing up some transitions and searching for the last epic closer. I really wanted to share some music of a musician that I've been using a bit and that has really been drawing me in with some of the best compositions that I've been coming across. 

For those of you that dig into the track listing, you'll see that I'm been taking advantage of sharing the amazing compositions of Ben Woods, and ambient pianist that weaves pure gold. The more that I listen, the more I'm really pulled into his colorful universe of sound and light. His music is highly inspiring, soothing, and created with such honesty and intensity. The most unreal part of it all is that his music if free from BANDCAMP (above is his latest release). Highly unbelievable. Pay Ben a visit, and take in his unrivaled mastery channeled through beautiful compositions. 

Also, be sure to follow him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK as he posts new music every now and then. Like Christmas all year round. Peace.


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