Sunday, August 10, 2014

guest mix: faction (part II)

I got contacted recently by FACTION (Ben Selby) about a new mix that he's created. Out of all of the artists that I follow, Ben is probably one of the guys that blow my mind in the biggest way. His sonic tapestries are a huge journey into the subconscious, stopping at the various synapses which bring light and sound into focus. Given the vast amount of influences and music, Faction flawless (and consistently) pieces together the most seamless mixes ever.  I can never seem to find edits in his mixes. His canvases are a perfect blend of light and dark colors that are pleasing, challenging, and ever shapeshifting. Not only are they musically gratifying, but the work ethic that he displays is unrivaled and unparalleled.

For this guest mix, I am absolutely honored to be a part of hosting [ TIME IS WHAT KEEPS THE LIGHT FROM REACHING US ]. Make sure that you are well prepared with open ears and open mind. This will allow the music to ebb and flow into your mind's ether, penetrating the pores that drink color and taste sound. If you choose to only listen, you will miss the finer points of the mix. The best option is to experience the mix while fully disengaging distractions and fully engaging undivided attention. Upon taking in the mix, your sense of gravity will calibrate, your senses will be renewed with extreme precision, and you mental state will have increased to absolute efficiency. Or your money back.

If there were just one thing that I could wish for, it would be to hang out with Faction, listening to new music, and watching him put together his mixes like a fly on the wall. I aspire to be him, with his limitless vision and knack of putting together such moods with so many diverse elements. Hearing what he comes up with makes me feel like I'm at square one. And that's a good thing. Thanks, Benji, for hooking up the listeners everywhere with pure aural bliss. And for providing a very healthy bit of competition! Be sure to take more of Faction's amazing mixes on his MIXCLOUD page, and his original compositions on his SOUNDCLOUD page. I'm always eagerly awaiting the next one! Peace.

Turn on, tune in, have mind blown, listen again (and again), then sleep...


  • Intro
  • Space Face - Faction
  • Cello Recycling - Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek
  • 36 - Beacon
  • Daikan - Thomas Kner
  • Alan Watts Sample
  • Ra. 36 Section (1) - The Orb
  • Blue Sample - Derek Jarman
  • Arte - Brambles
  • Gulf Breeze Sonar - Rod Modell & Michael Mantra
  • III (Pleq Remix) - Jacaszek
  • Unlocation - Witxes
  • Ill Flower - Future Sound Of London
  • Beautiful Corruption - Mergrim
  • Access To Arasaka - Void Start
  • Caught In The Middle - Lusine
  • Ra. 36 Section (2) - The Orb
  • Beauty Of A Flower - Richard Feynman
  • Dream Hours (Part 1) - Kammarheit
  • Atomized - Forrs
  • Dream Hours (Part 2) - Kammarheit
  • Ravi Shankar
  • To Speak Of Solitude - Brambles
  • Eac - The Alvaret Ensemble
  • Calling - Trifonic
  • Springtime In The Distance
  • Orchestral Interlude - Gorillaz
  • Music For Twin Peaks - Stars Of The Lid
  • Blue (Time Is What Keeps The Light From Reaching Us) - Derek Jarman
  • Jam Sketch - Chris Morris

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