Wednesday, September 10, 2014

from the darkness comes light

I've been tuning into a lot of new music lately, and catching some speeches by Neil deGrasse Tyson (whose voice appears in the intro of this mix) who is somewhat of a astronomy genius. Very deep mind. I wanted to put a bit of the new music into this mix (as well as some familiar faces that have graced Spaceman's Transmissions in the past like Ben Woods [my favorite!], Hammock, and, well, a few original compositions). I want to point you to Ben Woods' BANDCAMP page as I lean on him heavily to create the mixes that I do. Also, you can download the original compositions that I did with Petal from the Rusted Sun Collective BANDCAMP page. You may also download my latest release entitled HEADSPACE from Bandcamp (put it up today!).

Much like IN THE MIDST OF A DIM GLOW, this mix is for those quiet moments before or after your nightly slumber with the dual purpose of either setting you down gently or lifting you up ever so slowly. It is safe with most medications, and you may operate heavy machinery at your will (although I would advise against it). 

As you begin to let your mind go, have faith in the music to guide it to the right mental place. Erase the negative energy that burdens your grey matter, as no one's problems can be solved in one hour. Instead, use this hour to find a better place for your soul, as it is a tiny amount of your time that allows your soul to calibrate.  Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • “Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Jedem Zauber Wohnt Ein Ende Inne” by Bersarin Quartett from II (Start Time: 04:00)
  • “For The Fathers We Never Found (Excerpt)” by Rusted Sun Collective from Communicate (Start Time: 09:18)
  • “Balance” by Aurom from Secret Garden (Start Time: 15:18)
  • “With Open Arms” by Ben Woods from An Attempt To Fly (Start Time: 20:52)
  • “King’s Cave” by David Lamin from Arran (Start Time: 24:35)
  • “Minack” by The Echelon Effect from Atlantic (Start Time: 27:35)
  • “Stratosphere” by Juta Takahashi from Hymn (Start Time: 30:59)
  • “Oktober (Excerpt)” by Bersarin Quartett from Bersarin Quartett (Start Time: 35:31)
  • “The Moon Shows Me How” by Tonepoet from Headspace (Start Time: 36:39)
  • “A Year Without Summer” by The Frozen Vaults from …And Darkness Came (Start Time: 40:18)
  • “Paisley” by Larsvember from Greatest Hits Ambience (Start Time: 44:45)
  • “Glass Orchids” by Lykanthea x Savage Sister from Sundrowned (Start Time: 48:21)
  • “Take A Drink From My Hands” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 49:15)
  • “Three Cheers For Existence” by Deru from 1979 (Start Time: 54:03)
  • “Earth From Space” by Kendall Station from The Broken Pod (Start Time: 58:01)
  • “Lights Of A Tired City” by Ben Woods from Moments (Start Time: 60:39)

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