Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Finally got this all mixed (to the best of my ability, not sure if that says much) and put out the door. I've been working on this for months, no kidding. I've learned a lot about the entire recording process (always do), and about organizing myself (biggest nightmare ever). Anyhow, to everyone, here is my gift to you. There is over an hour's worth of music on this, and I was very meticulous in creating the right sounds, getting everything to line up really nice, and having a very large diverse bit of music to satisfy every type of ambient music lover. I did post this up on Soundcloud a while back, but the songs have evolved quite a bit since then and have had much better treatment. 

Any proceeds will go towards me finally having a laptop that is less than 8 years old to create stuff on. There is a bonus download of the back cover as well as one other song. Please, if you like it (or don't), leave me some feedback. I enjoyed making this, and I hope that my labor of love comes through in the music for you. Peace.


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Uncle John said...

thank you! Will buy as soon as I get to work this morning!