Wednesday, December 10, 2014

review: 'blossom falls' by abstract aprils

It's extremely rare when a debut release from a new artist demands so much attention as this one from ABSTRACT APRILS. It would be an amazing aural feat if there were just a few strong songs on BLOSSOM ENDS. However, Blossom Ends is very, very strong from start to finish. 

Rather than to sitting on drones, hoping for an interesting electronic effect to develop into a theme, we are greeted on the first song with a deep and moving chordal symphony that whispers and moves along. With this protocol of harmonic engagement in place, the album begins its journey into the subconscious realm that breeds positive vibe and flow. Every single song is a deeper dive into harmonic development, rich in organic sounds and carefully developed dynamic themes. If there were one release that makes me hold my breath at times as to not disturb the transitions that shift throughout, this would be it. Blossom Ends is a very careful journey that tips its hat to influences such as Sigur Ros and Hammock, but with an absolute life of its own, capable of creating an identity that rises above its influences.

With this first release in place, Abstract Aprils has firmly planted a seed that will be one to watch growing in the future. With such beautiful music and stunning artwork, Abstract Aprils has already proven to be an amazingly talented and mindful musician that is comfortable weaving emotion and sound. Visit Abstract Aprils via the links above and let him know that tonepoet sent you. Enjoy.


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