Saturday, August 8, 2015

as the world comes into focus (collaboration with dj seroton)

Now that we are fully into summer, I have regained my full momentum of enjoying the ride on Mother Earth's forgiving surface. I've made sure that the necessary pieces of my life's puzzle have been put together with precision (Tuned up the bike for amazing rides? Check. Bought new Frisbees? Check. Got supplies to fly kites with the kids and made sure the bubble machines had fresh batteries? Check and check.). Completing vitals tasks such as this allow me to get my head right with some great musical interludes.

I created the 3 prior mixes in the span of a few days in very early January, as I knew that the winter for me would be terrible. And it was. It was full of homework, and non-stop travel to the snowiest places in the US at the time (I was HERE during this time), and traveling through the mid-West during equally terrible weather for the entire month of March (spending my birthday on tour, bleh.). During that time, I didn't take in too much new music, but did release WE'VE COME UNDONE. This allowed me to take that money earned and buy new music off of Bandcamp which really got my mind in motion for new sounds. So I'm presenting a lot of new music bought there in this mix, and I hope that you like it. But enough about that.

While a simple mix from myself would seem sufficient, having the partnership with the humbling DJ SEROTON is one thing that pushes this mix far over the edge. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to create 2 mixes with him (the other is DRIFTER VOL. 6). For this particular mix, I stirred up the first half of the set, and he countered my vision with an unparalleled mix of intensity, beauty, and authority. It's really nice to have someone enhance my intentions and gives a fresh vibe to the set. The unpredictability of the outcome is what provides inspiration smiles. Not only is DJ Seroton such a very cool guy and like-minded music aficionado, but his production standards of both his art and presentation are of the highest standards. I really felt that I should do my best so as to really raise the standard of what we both could offer our peace seeking listeners. I'm very confident that together we have woven the perfect texture of sound and color; using light as glue and sealing it all in a consumable format for your mind and ears.

My hope is that the music brings you a sense of solitude and elation. Feel free to use the music any time you need those sensations. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


Part 1: Tonepoet
  • “Stranger Air (Error #1) Repurpose” by Woob from Intervision (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Öpik-Oort” by Umber from Sunshine Young (Start Time: 02:21)
  • “As I Awoke...” by Aural Method from When I Drifted I Heard A Faint Melody (Start Time: 4:41)
  • “Aperception III” by Pseudosphère from Aperception (Start Time: 6:00)
  • “Lighthouse” by The Monk By The Sea from Soundscapes (Start Time: 11:03)
  • “Awaiting Your Arrival” by Good Weather For An Airstrike from A Home For You (Start Time: 13:58)
  • “Surrender” by Ben Lovett from Sun Don't Shine Soundtrack (Start Time: 17:44)
  • “Within My Mind An Ocean Appears” by Tonepoet from Headspace (Start Time: 20:28)
  • “Things Left Unsaid” by Tonepoet from Headspace (Start Time: 21:27)
  • “Sunshine Youth (Featuring Good Weather For An Airstrike)” by Umber from Sunshine Young (Start Time: 24:14)
  • “To Speak Of Solitude” by Brambles from Charcoal (Start Time: 28:24)

Part 2: DJ Seroton
  • “Anna On The Floor” by Aaron Zigman from My Sister's Keeper (Start Time: 31:04)
  • “Soothing Image 46” by Bing Satellites from Soothing Images 31-47 (Start Time: 31:32)
  • “Dark Clouds” by Bing Satellites from Twilight Sessions Volume Eight (Start Time: 34:09)
  • “Portals (Part II)” by Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd from Drift (Start Time: 38:49)
  • "Reason of Senses” by Jonson from Mindlook (Start Time: 43:35)
  • “Seveen” by Otto A Totland from Pinô (Start Time: 49:05)
  • “I Will Surround You” by Stars Of The Lid from Avec Laudenum (Start Time: 50:09)
  • “The Brightest Lights in the Darkest Skies” by Ben Woods from Moments (Start Time: 52:15)

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DJ Seroton said...

I recall listening to your half so many times before I mustered up the inspiration to take your finely crafted piece into the second half and give it the ending it deserves. I had a blast working with you and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with someone as creative, talented and humble as you. Here's to more collabs in the future to come. Have a great day my friend.