Tuesday, August 30, 2016

review: eleven into fifteen (a 130701 compilation)

This episode of Spaceman's Transmissions features a compilation from the label 130701 (which is an imprint of FAT CAT RECORDS). 130701 is known for it's stellar post-classical offerings, and this compilation is an amazing addition to every enthusiast that craves to build the perfect bridge between a thinking man's ambient and organic post-classical tapestries. I've already managed to use some of the music from this release on my last mix session WHEN NIGHT MEETS LIGHT. I have been putting a lot of mileage on this release with no signs of slowing down.

ELEVEN INTO FIFTEEN hosts an extraordinary roster of artists that each have a unique vision within the universe that encompasses post-classical. While the most familiar composer is Max Richter (whose song ON THE NATURE OF DAYLIGHT is very well known), the newer artists all develop a remarkably strong presence on the release. With this compilation, we usher in artists such as Jóhann Jóhannsson, Resina, Ian Craig Williams, and Hauschka to name a few. Each track develops to capture the range of emotive color and builds every subsequent journey to coincide with the following track. To say that the release is consistent in its development is an understatement. Hats off to the curator of this release for realizing that track order is one of the most vital aspects in nailing the intended vibe of any release. In considering this essential element, we are rewarded with a journey that feels as though it is a soundtrack to one of the best films you've never seen. 

ELEVEN INTO FIFTEEN delicately counteracts dark and light moods throughout the release in a way that allows one to effectively visualize a meaningful narrative. The organic feel of each track is astounding. With an almost alarming entrance of the track Yangtze by Olivier Alary, it is clear that we are being alerted that something amazing is about to happen. While the intro seems ominous, it is well worth noting that it effectively introduces the listener to a playlist that will continue to bloom in vibrant color with each approaching sonic tapestry. By the time the listener is introduced to the second track (my favorite, Dustin O'Halloran's track Constreaux No. 2), it becomes apparent that the balance of moods and colors is one of deep consideration. Another standout song for me is Resina's 'June'. It brings the feeling of an awakening of sorts, and the convenience of being midway through the release is a way of cleansing the aural palate to set the listener up with a dynamic follow up. I'm quite confident that this release will draw in the listener for the full ride on a journey that intertwines the essence of experiences that define the beauty of life.

If this truly was a soundtrack, the viewer would be pulled deeply into the plot of a film that covered the gamut of human emotion by the sheer magnitude of finely tuned playlist. Many, many praises for this release by displaying the most amazing music created by visionary artists and especially to 130701 as a very forward-thinking and innovative label, specializing in a world of post-classical that is as intense as it is beautiful. You can purchase the music HERE (as well as the bonus release entitled NEW BLOOD) in different formats. Be sure to stream the audio via YOUTUBE and get your head right. Peace.

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