Friday, September 30, 2016

music for stargazing (a tribute to hydrogen cafe)

Quite a while ago, as a few might remember, was an amazing ambient mix blog entitled 'HYDROGEN CAFE'. Actually, it's (kind of) still there (inactivated in 2010). There was a bit of a faithful following, and it was this blog as well as LOW LIGHT MIXES that set me on my way. When I was living in Alaska, I yearned for the moments in the dead of winter in which I would play these mixes and watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dance in the sky. My favorite mixes were the 'Music For Stargazing' sessions, and they accompanied in my night time slumber when I was left to exercise my stargazing sessions within my mind. 

This is my tribute to the elusive 'nrvnet' who curated the site and brought me many hours of solace and wonder. Wherever you are out there in cyberspace, thank you for your vision and inspiration. I hope that this mix will inspire you, the listener, to do something that you love and enjoy, and realize that your actions make a bigger impact upon people that seek guidance and find solace and joy within sounds and color.

Now that the days are sadly getting shorter and our daylight is decreasing, we should still find reasons to celebrate our journey on Mother Earth. Use this music for just that purpose. Delve into the universe that exists within a very small plane: the space between your ears. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

  • “Selon” by Otto A. Totland from Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol. 1 (Start Time: 00:29)
  • “Good Night, Day” by Jóhann Jóhannsson from Orphée (Start Time: 01:36)
  • “Tender Fire” by Ian William Craig from Eleven Into Fifteen (A 130701 Compilation) (Start Time: 04:53)
  • “Northern Roar” by GrandUnifiedSandwich from The Happiest Place Orbiting Earth (Start Time: 05:53)
  • “introvert” by midst from EP (Start Time: 08:36)
  • “Coconut Serenade” by Imaginary Softwoods from Annual Flowers In Color (Start Time: 09:43)
  • “Cracked Clouds In The Dusty Sky” by Cloudfall from Days Of Wind (Start Time: 15:09)
  • “Afterimage” by Resina from Resina (Start Time: 18:25)
  • “Four Endings” by Frank Wheeler from Longshoreman (Start Time: 19:18)
  • “The Towns We Love Is Our Town” by Bing & Ruth from Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (Start Time: 23:16)
  • “A Cathedral Arch Of Trees Linconlshire” by Cousin Silas from Geographics (Start Time: 29:08)
  • “And So He Is (Excerpt)” by GrandUnifiedSandwich from The Happiest Place Orbiting Earth (Start Time: 31:52)
  • “Impending Storm” by Cloudfall from Days Of Wind (Start Time: 35:09)
  • “Drawing Curtains (Stray Theories Remix)” by umber from Remixs (Start Time: 36:55)
  • “Earth Feet, Lifted (Part 1)” by umber from Earth Feet, Lifted (Start Time: 41:13)
  • “Black Day, Silver Sea (Stray Theories Remix)” by Parks from In Memory (Start Time: 45:28)
  • “Always Alone” by Manual from The North Shore (Start Time: 49:45)
  • “Atomos I” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from Atomos (Start Time: 52:46)

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