Thursday, November 17, 2016

review: roger goula - overview effect

It might come to no surprise that of all of the sub-genres of ambient, I'm very fond of space music in particular, and by far my favorite mixes tend to be the ones that are space themed (ODE TO THE COSMIC VOYAGER and GAZING INTO THE INFINITE COSMIC ABYSS). I've followed the musical careers of such pioneers as Jonn Serrie and Michael Stearns, and I've witnessed the birth of stars (pun intended) within this genre such as Luca Gherardi and Vortex Mechanic. Even when I have free time, I'll manage to take in Vangelis' unbelievable footage of Mythodea Live in Greece. For me, space is the place. It's a music form that consistently seems to access a bit more thematic elements than the typical drone-based ambient, and it definitely creates a deeper field in which to be aurally lost within. When I discover a new artist in the space genre that is par with the seasoned veterans, I become that child in the candy store. Such is the case with the ROGER GOULA release of OVERVIEW EFFECT

A collaborative event between the label ONE LITTLE INDIAN and MANNERS MCDADE MUSIC PUBLISHING has birthed this intensely deep release that delves into the furthest realm of cosmic sound. To call this music simply 'space-themed' or 'post-classical' is to prematurely cheapen the experience that is to be gained from taking it in. While it does contain elements of both aforementioned terms, it is much, much deeper and complex in it's arrangements and execution. Artists such as Roger seem to be effectively redefining the post-classical movement, restructuring our concept of space music, and successfully conceptualizing an amalgamation of every melodic and harmonic idea available.  His mastery of melding post-classical with space music allows the listener to successfully interpret the intentions behind Roger's compositions, which is to give the listener a snapshot of what astronauts are seeing and feeling when viewing Mother Earth from space. What the space pioneers I've mentioned above have started, Roger is successfully taking the torch and moving ahead at warp speed.

Overview Effect unravels as an aural journey that rewards us with a rich canvas meticulously shaped into a universe of emotive constructs. Roger's sensitivity to calibrating the perfect fusion of organic and synthesized environments. One can't help but be drawn into scenes presented here, while being injected with feelings of hope, awe, and desperation of the very story that Roger has set out to script. I can't help but believe that another epic cerebral movie in the vein of Interstellar, The Martian, and Gravity should be created to accompany this soundtrack. Every melodic idea is perfectly placed within its rightful spot, enabling an impact and effectiveness Not only is the musical delivery of Overview Effect flawless in every aspect, it's production is at a very high level. Every color within each song is complementary and dependent upon each expired or impending idea. The most successful way (in my opinion) to display and enhance depth within this genre is to approach the production of the music as if it were a separate instrument, vital in that it allows compositions to breathe, develop, and communicate to the listener. Overview Effect is a release that holds this concept in high regard, and we are rewarded with a deeper emotional connection to Roger's vision.

Fans of space music and post-classical, as well as those in search of an ambient style that carries the mind beyond the beyond of simple melodic, would be hard pressed to find a release in 2016 that so accurately captures the magic of the celestial unforgiving depth of space. Easily among a top 3 ambient release of 2016. 

Pay a visit to Roger's WEBSITE, and keep up with him on his FACEBOOK page as well as via TWITTER. You can also hear some clips by visiting his SOUNDCLOUD page (and HERE as well). You will be hard pressed to find another release as strong as this in 2016, trust me.

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