Saturday, December 17, 2016

mental drift vol. 1

Greetings, voyagers. Today we'll undertake an eventful journey that is geared towards getting our minds properly adjusted for creativity and peace. All I ask you for, dear listener, is just roughly an hour of your time. If possible, the use of headphones or ear buds is recommended to separate the existing physical world (which can at times deliver too much chaos and disruption) from the cerebral world. It is within this cerebral world that you will realize your potential and emerge from your cocoon with reestablished purpose and clarity. You might not realize it, but this small space between your ears holds a galaxy that is unique and vibrant. Feed it with food of color and sound.

The caring 24-7 staff at Spaceman's Transmissions have worked diligently on this session, ensuring that it is calibrated to the highest degree. We understand that this can be a continuous process, and therefore have designated this first journey as 'Vol. 1'. More required sessions will follow points in time with each session beginning where the last one left off. The sessions will be sporadic and unannounced. Always be ready.

Find your peace within this turbulent world, and take in the new vibes that are presented in this colorful aural package. When you need to escape the physical world and its taxing requirements, please rest assured that this session will always be here to guide you into a new world of solace and comfort. This underlying sentiment is the basis of our mission statement. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

  • “Bottom Of Pocket (Excerpt)” by Nobuto Suda from Bottom Of Pocket (Start Time: 00:15)
  • “Infinite In All Directions” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 04:51)
  • “The Air Does Not Touch It” by umber from Drops Split EP (Start Time: 09:40)
  • “The Lofty Sky” by Dmitry Evgrafov from The Quiet Conversation (Start Time: 13:10)
  • “The Drowned World” by Jóhann Jóhannsson from Orphée (Start Time: 13:55)
  • “When To Stay (Instrumental)” by Anne Garner from Trusting In A Twirled World (Instrumental) (Start Time: 15:40)
  • “Floating” by Chris Fields from Sub-Conscious (Start Time: 17:16)
  • “Last Sunset Over Phaeton” by Vortex Mechanic from At The Edge Of The Solar System (Start Time: 19:07)
  • “Bach Study” by Max Richter from Eleven Into Fifteen (A 130701 Compilation) (Start Time: 22:39)
  • “A Prayer” by Grand Unified Sandwich from Ten Minutes On The Moon (Start Time: 24:49)
  • “Among Plants” by Mosaik from Various Remixes And Appearances (Start Time: 28:27)
  • “ç” by Midst from EP (Start Time: 30:34)
  • “The Imminent Collapse Department (Excerpt)” by  Imaginary Softwoods from Annual Flowers In Color (Start Time: 34:04)
  • “Lullaby For Nola” by Esmerine from Lost Voices (Start Time: 35:59)
  • “Terra” by Dreamhub from Moments In Space (Start Time: 37:51)
  • “Aletheia” by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouchfrom Eleven Into Fifteen (A 130701 Compilation) (Start Time: 44:24
  • “Anything's Possible” by Ben Lovett from The Signal Soundtrack (Start Time: 46:57)
  • “Doria” by Ólafur Arnalds  from Island Songs (Start Time: 48:55)
  • “Armstrong Opening Closing (Excerpt)” by Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie from Salero Original Motion Picture (Start Time: 51:01)
  • “Der Flug” by Oathless from Hawk Moon Records- Volume I (Start Time: 52:51)
  • “De Luce et Umbra” by Jóhann Jóhannsson from Orphée (Start Time: 54:01)
  • “Metamorphosis 2 (Philip Glass) (Excerpt)” by Murcof x Vanessa Wagner from Statea (Start Time: 55:42)

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