Thursday, May 10, 2018

spaceman's transmissions nominated for mixcloud's best online music show

I have to say, this week was really, really good. I finished up a new session, wrote some new music for my next release, and was sent an email from Mixcloud letting me know that I was on the short list (with only 4 others) as a nominee for best online radio show in the ambient genre. I've said it before, and I have to say it again. I started all of this as a one-off project to try something that fascinated me (creating a mix). If I sent my first mix to someone and they posted it, I would have been done and gone onto something else. I can't ever thank Dave Michuda of LOW LIGHT MIXES for being a huge inspiration and really the reigning lord of ambient podcasts and mixes. Instead of simply dismissing my efforts, he gave me a plethora of resources and information that allowed me to build my space temple. We still regularly keep in good contact, have shared music and I feel as though we've built a very good rapport based on our common interest and ambition. 

So, instead of me patting myself on the back, I wanted to actually take it to left field a bit and give Dave the credit for my successes. That said, I really can't discount the other thanks. I really want to thank each and every listener out there for liking what I'm doing, and offering me the support by engaging somehow. I don't know who comes here (does anyone?), but I get decent numbers and it really inspires me to make the next session of music way above and beyond the last. 

Now that I've expressed that, I'd really appreciate it if you could VOTE for me as a nominee for Mixcloud's Best Online Radio Show in the ambient genre. Voting ends just before midnight on May 23, 2018. Okay, I can only toot my horn so long! Haha! Thanks, everyone. Peace.


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