Sunday, June 3, 2018

lullabies for the skyward soul

Let us gather up our mental baggage for a drop into the deep blue abyss of space. In undertaking this mission, our soul purpose is to sort out the tribulations of life that are weighing us down. As we sail into the cosmos, allow the weightlessness of space to assist you in gathering up and sorting the difficulties that you face into manageable statuses of priority. Tackle these situations with the determination that you will succeed in the task of putting them behind you with a closure of your desiring. Rely on those that have looked to you for guidance in such circumstances with the understanding that a team of cosmonauts will always outweigh the effectiveness of the sole traveler. Remember to return favor when they need you, and assure them of your gratitude with the gift of friendship.
This session will serve as your in-flight entertainment, and there is no additional cost for such an amenity aboard this flight. As the captain of this flight (that's me), your attendance as the co-pilot is greatly appreciated. Even with the controls manned by myself in this venture, you are nonetheless a very vital asset to this mission. Together, we will take on the obstacles that seek to sway the path and obstruct your success. Let us witness the cosmos in a way that is unique to each of us, taking in sights and sounds designed to renew our minds and souls.

Thanks for boarding this flight with me, I look to many more ventures together in the future. Keep on keepin' on. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, blast off...

  • "Boarding The Spacecraft” by Spaceman's Transmission from Nunya (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “The Inner Pattern” by bedroom from The Inner Pattern (Start Time: 00:42)
  • “Centauri Arrival (Excerpt)” by Jonn Serrie from Sentinel (Start Time: 04:22)
  • “Aphobis” by Luca Gherardi from Cosmosis (Start Time: 09:18)
  • “First Fall” by The Echelon Effect from sunseasky - Seasons, Vol. 1 (Start Time: 10:51)
  • “Into The Unknown” by Colliding Galaxies from First Contact (Start Time: 12:47)
  • “Pluto (Excerpt)” by Disposable Planet from Lost Moons (Start Time: 17:39)
  • “Embrace The Sunlight” by Endless Melancholy from Hawk Moon Records, Vol. V (Start Time: 21:49)
  • “Behind The Sky” by In The Branches, Bluetech from Behind The Sky (Start Time: 25:48)
  • “Mindwalking” by Telomere from Astral Currents (Start Time: 31:29)
  • “A World Beneath The World (Excerpt)” by Zen Rat from A World Beneath The World (Start Time: 36:53)
  • “Red Planet (Excerpt)” by Chronos from When Mars Meets Venus (Start Time: 40:59)
  • “Places” by Rays from Unknown (Start Time: 46:39)
  • “Horizon Variations” by Max Richter from The Blue Notebooks (Start Time: 48:46)
  • “Passing” by Daniel Thomas Freeman from Illuminations  (The New Year 2017 Free Compilation) (Start Time: 50:29)
  • “Note G (Excerpt)” by Macroform from Throat Chakra (Start Time: 54:38)
  • “Two Zero Plus 16” by Autistici from Illuminations (The New Year 2017 Free Compilation) (Start Time: 56:35)

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