Monday, August 22, 2022

awakening the light within you

Ah, dear travelers, it has been a good spring and summer so far for your old boy Tonepoet with lots of sightseeing in the West Virginia mountains, hiking in the hills of western Maryland, and traveling the mid-western states of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. I've climbed mountains, swam in waterfalls, and breathed in some of the cleanest air on earth while taking in sights that only our sweet Mother Nature can dispense. And through it all, my initial thoughts were 'if only I could contain my sense of awe and wonderment into a aural package and gift wrap as a present to my listeners'. Well, my wonderful co-pilots, why don't I do just that?

Taking in the color-soaked sounds of this session guarantees an optimal listening experience. And, dear listener, I truly mean experience and not a passing distraction. As I have touched clouds, I seek the same for you all. Sink into your self, and slowly rise up to the layer of cottony softness in which we will find our craft of voyage. To merely listen is passe. To experience? Not only a goal but a requirement!

As you climb into your cloud-craft, maintain your position on the status of the mission. Be sure to balance the components for a successful journey: equal parts dreaming, wondering, elating, and prospering. Find your equilibrium and begin to slowly awaken the creative light within. It is your fuel, and the well that provides the sauce for this motor of mindful innovation will never run dry, provided you nurture it and visit it often. Just as this juice of inventive source rises to the surface, as does the sun beyond the horizon, shining a light that guides you to those places within that bring your dreams into focus. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



  • “Forest Sounds” by Sumbuddy from Sumthin’ (Start Time: 00:00)
  •  “Wait II” by The Fire & The Fog from Moments (Start Time: 01:06)
  • “Sanctuary” by Conrad Praetzel from Adventures Into Somethingness (Start Time: 02:47)
  • “In 8 Movements, Parts I & II (Stripped Version, 2010)” by Black Swan from re/miniscence: unreleased recordings, 2010-2020 (Start Time: 04:47)
  • “We’re All Clouds” by Abstract Aprils from Everything (Start Time: 06:42)
  • “When The Body Breaks” by Hammock from Mysterium (Start Time: 10:23)
  • “6-37 AM” by Hotel Neon from Context (Start Time: 14:23)
  • “All the Distant Objects” by Andrew Lahiff from Quiet Spaces and Distant Dreams (Start Time: 20:10)
  • “Dark Illusions” by Ashot Danielyan from Levitation (Start Time: 24:12)
  • “Prelude” by Aperire from It's Okay, It's Over Now (Start Time: 29:05)
  • “Pao Alpina” by Biosphere from Substrata (Start Time: 30:50)
  • “Tears like Quiet Drifts” by City Of Dawn from EP Tour (Start Time: 34:00)
  • “Fern Moss” by halftribe from Lucent Forms Traveling (Start Time: 37:37)
  • “blid” by Hviledag from Under A Mellem Moon (Start Time: 41:00)
  • “Total Precipitation (Excerpt)” by Luke Sanger from Global Horizontal Irradiance (Start Time: 47:51)
  • 晚的呼喚 (Call Of The Night)” by forestry from reflection (Start Time: 49:46)
  • “REM” by Saint Sorrow from Moments (Start Time: 53:14)

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