Sunday, November 6, 2022

Journey To The Forgotten Land Of Dreams

Hello, co-pilots and curious star hoppers. Welcome to Spaceman's Transmissions, your home away from home in the aural universe, and your most trusted source of inflight entertainment during that peaceful ascent into the ether. I'm aware that there are many of you out there that have given up on your ability of assembling the dream machine into a working apparatus. You dismiss dreams as an escapable entity, afforded to only a privileged few. 

It seems as though we have all experienced the phenomenon of déjà vu at some points in our lives. Wasn't I here before, why is this familiar, don't I know this person from somewhere? In many cases, if we dug deep enough into the well of our own creatively subliminal souls, we could find that it was our own bubbling well of dream intuition which had brought us to that magical space. This proves that those dreams are there, somewhat hidden or obscured, by other pieces of information that create a cloud cover. My mission is to assist you in dissipating that cloud cover and leading you to the field of creative wonder.

Take steps to learn about lucid dreaming and documenting your dreams once you awaken. Find ways to be creative without being critical or dismissive of your artistic abilities. These practices will open a creative portal in which the tides of color and light will flow. No one is born and able to speak a language, ride a bike, or navigate a spacecraft to the stars. It's all a learned process that takes practice and determination. Navigating to the dreamer's landscape is no different.

We tend to dismiss obscure dreams as a hindrance, or an utter confusion of entangled nonsense and senseless weirdness. However, dear listener, it's much deeper than that. Travel to that forgotten land of dreams and build a mental bridge to your waking self. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



  • “Blue Light of Morning (Flickers)” by Swartz et from Nighttide (10 Year Deluxe Version) (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Cloudface” by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society from Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Start Time: 04:54)
  • “Capacitor Weavers” by Conrad Praetzel from Adventures Into Somethingness (Start Time: 08:25)
  • “Dies Irae” by Felix Rösch from Mya (Start Time: 09:33)
  • “Disposable Glances” by halftribe from Lucent Forms Travelling (Start Time: 10:43)
  • “Komorebi (deletion 47)” by Monogoto from Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol. 2) (Start Time: 15:18)
  • “All In Circles” by Shida Shahabi from Shifts (Start Time: 18:55)
  • “Requiem for Dying Mothers (Part 2)” by Stars Of The Lid from The Tired Sounds Of... (Start Time: 22:25)
  • “Vapor Lines (Excerpt)” by Forest Management from Intraset 016: Daydream - Vox Verto (Start Time: 28:53)
  • “1BR” by Letsko from Intraset 016: Daydream - Vox Verto (Start Time: 32:04)
  • “Thunder” by Grand Ciel from Ater Iterare (Start Time: 37:00)
  • “North Dakota Overture” by Jamie Stillwell from Lullaby For A Stranger (Start Time: 39:08)
  • “Ingenting Saknas” by Ludvig Cimbrelius from Love Letters From The Sky (Start Time: 43:01)
  • “Secret Forest” by Michael Peters & Fabio Anile from Presence (Start Time: 47:22)
  • “Night Country” by Michael Peters & Fabio Anile from Presence (Start Time: 48:14)
  • “Anoxic Event” by Mathoms from The Woe Trumpets (Start Time: 52:31)
  • “Flight in Reverse” by Mian Bao from Overexposure (Start Time: 53:56)

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