Sunday, December 25, 2022

as the light moves through the air

It is that time of year, dear listeners, where we once again set sail in the celestial sea of diamonds in search of a better tomorrow, and seek the renewal of our mental energy and creative awakening. I'm here to assist you in your voyage, as you know that your old boy Tonepoet would never expect you to navigate blindly through the ether. It is you who will guide this ship through the pathway of stars, and I am more than happy to be your severely relaxed co-pilot.

As we sail gently along this route, let's reflect on the things in the past that made us happy and engaged. As we bathe in this nostalgia, start to bundle up the negative energy and various letdowns of this past year so that we may set them afloat towards a black hole, never to be seen again. While you might not see it, there is a lighted path towards a better you, and a tree that sprouts positive vibe. Steer the craft towards this tree so that we may taste the nectar of positive energy and enlightenment. Understand that this tree withers and fades, and seems to lack the abundant life at times. Yet, this tree is constantly growing, even through the darker times, and replenishing it's weather beaten suit in effort to rise up in the seasons of growth and replenishment. This is not unlike us, dear listener, as we seek to keep growing, and still do so, even during the darkest of times. That period of perceived stagnation is only a readjustment. Use this to recalibrate your mind and energy. Awaken with your renewed strength.

While we become one with the light that burns brightly into a new tomorrow, close your eyes and feel the air move by you. It's subtle, but it's there, and that is out indication that we are still drifting toward a higher plane of existence. Take it in, and enjoy the journey. I will see you all in 2023. Peace.

BTW, Merry Christmas!! This is my gift to you, sorry that I couldn't wrap it somehow!

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



  • “As The Light Moves Through The Air” by Steve Pacheco from Place For Peace (Start Time: 00:00)
  • “Some” by Jogging House from Chants (Start Time: 05:00)
  • “Mit Ausblick” by Thomas Fehlmann from Böser Herbst (Start Time: 09:20)
  • “Orion’s Field” by Telomere from The Stellar Sea (Start Time: 12:14)
  • “The Veils Of Beta Pavonis” by Jonn Serrie from The Sentinel (Start Time: 22:42)
  • “Monument II” by In The Branches And Neglect from Monuments (Start Time: 33:24)
  • “The Arrival” by Hollan Holmes from A Distant Light (Start Time: 37:31)
  • “Orangeville” by Saint Sorrow from Windows (Start Time: 43:19)
  • “I Found A Bit Of Myself” by A Cerulean State from Just Out Of Sight (Start Time: 45:48)
  • “Remaining (Excerpt)” by Aperire from Aperire (Start Time: 49:15)
  • “Birkets” by Hammock from Columbus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Start Time: 50:45)
  • “Mono No Aware” by Hammock from An Introduction To Hammock (Start Time: 51:35)
  • “Symphony Of Extinct Lights” by CloudFall & Tonepoet from Forgotten Hymns (Start Time: 57:35)

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