Monday, May 29, 2023


Hello, dear listeners, travelers of the celestial realm, and co-pilots. This new session evolves around the ethos of an album that I just put out entitled 'Bloom', and is one that ushers in a re-invention and reinvigorating of our mental and physical being. As we weather the storms of life's turbulent forces, we need enlightenment and encouragement so that we can pick ourselves up, knock of the dirt and negative vibes, and bring in a rebirth and passion for not only living but striving. That's it, dear listeners, striving!! And THRIVING!! It rhymes, and now all of a sudden I feel like Dr. Seuss. Working to be better tomorrow than we are today requires incremental steps. We hear the expression 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and, well, neither were we. Take the time in planning your re-entry into the world as a better version of yourself every single day. It requires mental energy to develop the creative means to plan our re-entry into our proposed new world, and it takes physical energy to implement those changes around us. But, the biggest and most effect change is within us, in our minds and hearts. Work to calibrate and synchronize these with your new mission. Expend the mental energy so that the task of pushing through your boundaries is well rewarded. This session is your comforting pillow of that much needed mental reset.

We at Spaceman's Transmissions propose that you set aside a quiet hour-ish of time to let everything go, and let the tapestry here guide you to the prairie of peaceful vibes. A place where you can assemble your collage of innovative endeavors which will bring your incrementally closer to where you view yourself. Fill in the gaps that separate where you are and where you want to be, as if you are patching holes in the wall for a fresh, new coat of colorful and vibrant paint. Through effort and realization of your potential comes the reward of a newly emerging you! The stormy night that you endured will pass over you, and the stage will reset for you to explore and set up for new scenes to create and thrive in. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Don't take your renewals for granted, dear listener. Celebrate each victory as a reward to yourself for reaching and surpassing milestone, not unlike traveling past a dark cosmic tide to reemerge into a realm of a breathtaking starlit field of beauty. I'm with you, dear travelers, and as your co-pilot I have full faith that your journey and effort will yield great success.

Okay, yes, as mentioned, shameless plug time (sorry!). I put our a new album entitled Bloom (of course) which can be found by going to My music was, is, and always will be free so that you can all have access to it. It is my gift to you, dear listeners, as my thanks for your attendance during the voyages that we undertake. Peace.



  • “I’m Outside Now” by Dr. Tone Dude from Nature Calls, So You’d Better Answer (Start Time: 00:00)
  •  “Beyond The Limelight (Song For Neil)” by Tonepoet from Bloom (Start Time: 00:30)
  • “Half Light” by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society from Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Start Time: 03:10)
  • “Funambulist No8” by Rémi Fay from Funambulist (Start Time: 09:35)
  • “Capacitor Weavers” by Conrad Praetzel from Adventures Into Somethingness (Start Time: 13:48)
  • “The Large Floating Vessel” by Siren and the Sea from Gravity Wave (Start Time: 15:04)
  • “Trauma” by Henrick Meierkord from Gesichten (Start Time: 18:37)
  • “Transience” by A Cerulean State from Omgjord (Start Time: 23:11)
  • “All Those Little Moments” by Colliding Galaxies from Ambient, Vol. 4 (Start Time: 26:14)
  • “I Touched The Face Of God (Bonus Track)” by Benoît Honoré Pioulard from Plays Thelma (Start Time: 27:25)
  • “The Quiet Divide (Early Mix, Tranquility Version, 2011)” by Black Swan from Re-miniscence - Unreleased Recordings, 2010-2020 (Start Time: 33:03)
  • “Don't Leave Santa Cruz (Excerpt)” by Cliffdiver from Cliffdiver (Start Time: 35:49)
  • “Sleeping Under the Stars” by Hidden Sky from Afternoon Light (Start Time: 38:48)
  • “All is Memory” by Hotel Neon from All is Memory (Start Time: 47:38)
  • “Always On” by Marta Mist from Eyes Like Pools (Start Time: 52:49)
  • “TKATC X Message To Bears” by The Kids And The Cosmos from Ambient Mixtape Vol. 1 (Start Time: 58:07)

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