Monday, July 17, 2023

...and we slowly drifted into another tomorrow

ello, beautiful listeners and travelers of the cosmic tapestry. We've have had some relaxing times while wandering
 around the peaceful forests of aural canyons. We've dipped our toes into a calm, yet vibrant, stream of brilliantly blissful moments. There comes a time when the spacecraft must align the controls for yet another destination in search of the vivid beauty from echoing dreams. While it's blissfully effortless to lay in the pasture of calm, pillowy thoughts and star gaze while recalling worlds unique to ourselves, we have to slowly and softly uproot ourselves in effort to keep on truckin'. This minor disruption is but a very momentary displacement into yet another realm of as-of-yet unseen and unfelt bliss. Our goal is to seek the optimal oasis. All that I ask of you, dear listener, is to ensure that your belt buckle is firmly fastened for another journey into the unknown. Taking mental snapshots of comet tails and celestial dust is highly recommended as we drift sweetly into our new destination. Save these snapshots within your scrapbook of dreams.

Each new endeavor we seek to undertake requires effort, and each effort requires resources and creative fuel. Sure, you could apply minimal effort and coast on closing your eyes tightly and shaking your head for 10 seconds to bring yourself out of a slump. But that sort of solution is not a problem solver at all. Rather, it is but a mere distraction like shaking a jar of wasps and expecting them to behave. Nay, dear listener, your reset and expulsion into the realm of rejuvenation requires a recoating of your grey matter with the sweet nectar of sound and color. This journey is designed to do just that. Feel the tingling sensation of new synapses awakening, old neurons developing fresh pathways, and a soulful re-awakening. Here, you will come to realize that there are indeed more peaceful pastures to explore and camp at. Spaceman's Transmissions is devoted to ensuring that your flight there is brewed with equal parts beauty, intensity, comfort, and solace. You have our guarantee or your money back. 

So, drift into the spacecraft with your boy Tonepoet at the helm, and slowly (snail's pace) buckle yourself into your dream pod for an expedition through the cosmos. Together, we'll all make the journey to another tomorrow and seek to optimize ourselves by letting go of the troubled baggage and stocking up on positive atmospheric transmissions. 

Turn on, tune in, sail the skies...



  • “Station ID” by Tonepoet from Nunya (Start Time: 00:00)
  •  “Visions” by Telomere from Lux Primordia (Start Time: 00:30)
  • “Sea Gradients” by Fog Net from Headlands (Start Time: 09:42)
  • “The Wilder We Became” by Ben McElroy & A Spot On The Hill from Everything Was Different Yesterday (Start Time: 16:13)
  • “Vimana” by Ancient Astronaut from Through the Tunnel of Love (Start Time: 19:30)
  • “Ideas of the Far Future” by Anders Nils from Ideas of the Far Future (Start Time: 23:16)
  • “At The Waters Edge” by Monty Adkins from Audiobulb Records (Exhibition #100) (Start Time: 29:04)
  • “The Warm Light Makes You Relax (Excerpt)” by Cliffdiver from Cliffdiver (Start Time: 37:03)
  • “Autumn Sun” by Winks from Intraset 016: Daydream - Vox Verto (Start Time: 42:33)
  • “Day V - Room With A View” by Fallen from Of Memories And Hopes (Start Time: 46:19)
  • “Canopy” by Gus Tomizuka from Prospect & Refuge (Start Time: 52:00)
  • “Seele Heimat (Excerpt)” by Henrik Meierkord from Gesichten (Start Time: 54:50)

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