Sunday, December 2, 2012

harmony and decay

Hey, all in cyber-space. I released a collection of songs on an EP with a musician buddy of mine under the name Harmony & Decay. It is abolutely free to download, you can check out our website HERE, and follow the links onto the Soundcloud or Bandcamp page to listen/download. Thanks and enjoy! Peace.



Unknown said...

Isn't it funny that I found this album before you posted ii here? I like this stuff. Great piece of ambient music. Thank you for this!

Tonepoet said...

Wow! Thanks for that. This is just an initial release, full of flaws, but just something to let us know that we are capable to do anything at all. None of it is mastered, and was done while we were on tour, made in hotel rooms across the US. We're starting to work on some new things, so stay posted. The next one will be pretty amazing now that we've broken (partially) thru the ice. Cheers!