Wednesday, December 18, 2013

review: '+' by Bubble

I try to keep my ear to the wire and check out new artists from Bandcamp, and a lot stuff I review a lot before I even think about making a purchase (more often than not, I prefer the cheap route!). I just recently had the opportunity of discovering a new artist whose music I've used on the last mix ([SLOWLY DRIFTING] LIGHT YEARS AWAY) named BUBBLE. Bubble is capable of weaving a sonic tapestry that encompasses the universe, bringing in dark moments to the light and casting shadows on the heat. With his minimal approach, he is nonetheless able to cover a lot of ground. Like most of the ambient that really draws me in, one easily takes in a lot of depth from heady but soothing harmonic passages. Simply put, this is a thinking man's (or woman's) ambient. 

Just as his BIO states, his ability to rise above and beyond most ambient artists is because he perfectly balances the three most important elements of successful ambient. First, the music is organically rich and breathes. Second, his layers develop into something every time as opposed to creating a wash that is either annoying or forgettable. And third, 'the music transports you somewhere, providing a soundtrack for either travel or stillness, whichever state you happen to be in and does so in a way that alters the impact of your experience' (had to steal that from the bio, I couldn't put it better). 

While I stated that I listen to ambient all the time, not everything stands out to me. I have about 136 gigabytes worth of music that gets changed every so often between all media devices. Bubble's music is something that stands out in the forest of soundscapes that define my listening. I look forward to using more songs from Bubble in upcoming mixes and am really glad to have found music like this. In the biggest way possible. Peace.


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