Saturday, December 14, 2013

tonepoet: so gently we go (bandcamp release)

Yo! I've finally put something out under the 'tonepoet' name (as opposed to infinite_coil) on Bandcamp entitled 'SO GENTLY WE GO'. I'm really pleased by the outcome of this, and actually had some mastering done on it. If you have a chance, please check it out and give me some feedback!

To quote the narrative from the Bandcamp page:

"'So Gently We Go' is a half composed and half improvised release rich in harmonic and melodic structure for ears and minds that crave a colorful soundtrack to their lives. Every song was heavily scrutinized for its characteristic offering, each sound calibrated to perfection, and each mood carefully tweaked. The music was meticulously crafted with live ambient guitar soundscapes and later enhanced with various samples and field recordings. 'So Gently We Go' captures experiences and feelings and turns them into aural voyages. Each song was done using a variety of equipment and recording techniques. The end result is an offering rich in traveling within dark and light sonic universes. I hope that my vision and way of communicating through color reaches you in a soulful and meaningful way."

Additionally, I'm now sporting a new blog for my particular artist releases (which will include the infinite_coil stuff) and that can be found HERE. It's essentially like the infinite_coil blog (I exported everything), just with a few tweaks (with more coming). Looking forward to doing some more things in the coming year! Peace.


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