Sunday, September 8, 2013

guest mix: L.D.R.

I'm very excited to be awarded the opportunity to host a mix by this gentleman. L.D.R. hails from Sweden, and has some of the most eccentrically cool and diverse music that graces Mixcloud. I originally asked for a single mix quite a while back, just to give it a few listens to when on my daily commute. Those listens warranted an addition to my media player's 'Bike Ride' playlist, which is highly restricted to the best of the best (fewer than 4 tunes have made it on there in 2 years). FROM DUSK TILL DAWN HANGOVER MIX 2013 happened to be the mix that made it to the coveted playlist. What that means is that on my bike rides (13 miles, 20 kilometers or up to 30 miles, 48 kilometers if I'm not being a sissy) I play this playlist in shuffle mode, and for that one hour I'm locked in. Everything that I play in this playlist gives me the same buzz I got when I heard it the first time. Basically the music is my fuel, and without it I'm a hot mess.

Luckily, L.D.R. has yet to make a substandard mix, and it's amazing to me that he mixes everything in real time, with vinyl, leaving in mistakes, glitches and so on. Very organic. And bold. That amount of risk gives his mixes life. I'm filled with excitement when I get notifications that certain people have posted and L.D.R. is one of them. I've had some pretty amazingly funny and enlightening exchanges with him, and actually learned a few funny phrases in English (lovebombing, my favorite new word). It even doesn't surprise me that like most people that I follow, he is an artist in every way (check out his Flickr page HERE). 

I'm bringing you 4 mixes from L.D.R. All of the mixes tell a story, and they are all quite diverse. They are combinations of ambient, with retro-futuristic grooves, a bit of weirdness, but altogether a fantastic sonic voyage. I just had to host From Dusk Till Dawn Hangover Mix 2013, because it's just an amazing journey of strangeness, with sprinkles of eccentric joy. I've been fortunate to have collected a few of his mixes and they provide background music for my many commutes. I will be hosting more by L.D.R. at some point. Many, many thanks big time to L.D.R. for being an amazing artist with great taste and a careful ear to create such interesting stuff, and allowing me to have a small part in hosting it. Peace.

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