Thursday, September 12, 2013

lose yourself, find yourself

(from Webster's Dictionary)

imag·i·na·tion noun \i-ˌma-jə-ˈnā-shən\

1: the act, process, or power of forming a mental picture of something not present especially of something one has not known or experienced
2: creative ability
3: a creation of the mind

Creative thought is a basic sense that we are born with, but grows dull as we suppress its misalignment within modern society. Stop saying silly things, stay within the lines, act like a grown up. We are molded to learn how to act based on 'more mature' peers within our age group, sacrificing our creative soul. I have say, when you have kids, you go one way or the other. On one hand, you can act like a 'normal' parent, with strict rules and norms that society expects, monitoring the 'fun meter'. On the other hand, one could revert to being  a child, in order to gain a greater understanding. The alleged 'adult child' will begin adopting the mannerisms of their offspring, gaining a second wind of their childhood and doing such juvenile things such as making faces at the dinner table for a laugh, reading comic books and watching cartoons together, and so on.
I belong to the second group.
I created this mix without a preconceived idea of what it should be. Rather, I just chose a bunch of random things that I really love. Maybe there is no theme, but to me there is definitely a derived feeling. I can say with much assurance that music has kept me young. It has made my mind fresh, and open. I crave arts, and everything I hear becomes my life's soundtrack; living in and for the moment. My children soak up music and art like a sponge, and their lack of inhibitions allows me to have some of the most creative talks with them than I ever could with an 'adult'. We all seek to reminisce our past, relive our best moments, and rebuild upon our memories. Music is our landmark for everything (you know this already!). 
Take the music, digest it, and fit itinto your daily life. Create mental images to live by, swallowing your inhibitions in favor of feeling truly alive. And don't give a damn what anyone thinks.

  • "Wooden Little People" by Cygna from Opus Ena (Sofa Manifesto), Released July 17, 2012 (Start Time: 00:00)
  • "Stealth Overture" by Apollo 440 from Electro Glide In Blue (550 Music - Epic), Released September 9, 1997 (Start Time: 01:25)
  • "Amphora" by Robin Guthrie from Continental (soleil après minuit), Released June 12, 2006 (Start Time: 02:18)
  • "Are We A Rock Band Or What" by Apollo 440 from Gettin’ High On Your Own Supply (Epic), Released January 25, 2000 (Start Time: 04:50)
  • "Dandelion" by Boards Of Canada from Geogaddi (Warp Records), Released February 18, 2007 (Start Time: 06:03)
  • "Betula Pendula" by Carbon Based Lifeforms from World Of Sleepers (Ultimae Records), Released November 27, 2006 (Start Time: 07:04)
  • "Into The Rainbow Vein" by Boards Of Canada from The Campfire Headphase (Warp Records), Released October 17, 2005 (Start Time: 17:08)
  • "Adrift In Time (Drumalix Edit)" by Sync24 from Fahrenheit Project Part 5 (Ultimae Records), Released February 1, 2005 (Start Time: 17:41)
  • "Processing Lights (Fairytale Version)" by H.U.V.A. Network from Fahrenheit Project Part 5 (Ultimae Records), Released February 1, 2005 (Start Time: 19:59)
  • "Don’t Look Back" by Ben Lovett from The Signal Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records), Released February 19, 2008 (Start Time: 25:43)
  • "Takk…" by Sigur Ros from Takk (Geffen), Released September 13, 2005 (Start Time: 27:27)
  • "Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower" by Susumu Yokota from Symbol (Lo Recordings), Released July 19, 2005 (Start Time: 30:16)
  • "Sun Giant" by Fleet Foxes from Sun Giant EP (Sub Pop Records), Released April 8, 2008 (Start Time: 34:08)
  • "A Sense Of Home" by Peter Gabriel from Long Walk Home: Music From The Rabbit Proof Fence Soundtrack (Real World Records), Released June 18, 2002 (Start Time: 36:13)
  • "InD VoD fin (Hi-Fi)" by Petar Alargic from Classient Vinyl L1 (Magnatune), Released March 22, 2011 (Start Time: 38:14)
  • "Inside The Hopeful Machine" by D.P. Kaufman from As The Ruin Falls (D.P. Kaufman), Released May 10, 2010 (Start Time: 40:08)
  • "Sweet Sound Of Escape" by Dave Preston from Soundtrack For Motion (Iedema Records), Released June 1, 2010 (Start Time: 45:04)
  • "Cyclic" by Jazzanova from In Between (Rope A Dope), Released July 2, 2002 (Start Time: 49:52)
  • "Olson" by Boards Of Canada from Music Has The Right To Children (Warp Records), Released April 20, 1998 (Start Time: 50:39)
  • "Asbendos" by Peter Namlook from Silence V (Fax), Released July 10, 2001 (Start Time: 51:55)
  • "Se Lest" by Sigur Ros from Takk (Geffen), Released September 13, 2005 (Start Time: 57:23)

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