Sunday, September 22, 2013

guest mix: lepque

For this guest mix I present you, the listener, with an absolutely stellar outing from an ambient DJ that hails from Hungary. Not only that, but the only female ambient DJ in Hungary. How cool is that? Beyond a measurable scale of incredibly cool. 

LEPQUE started out as a radio DJ, but got the bug for digging into ambient via Peter Namlook and Jonn Serrie, and has been fighting for the pure ambient style for over 10 years now. The name 'Lepque' is a play on the word 'Lepke', which means butterfly in Hungarian. She claims that it comes from the moth symbol. Just as a moth seeks the light, but dies when reaching it, Lepque also prefers to stay in the background, within the cool and soothing darkness.

When not preaching the gospel of ambient at a number of festivals at Ozora, the Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival, Waha, and many others, she's afforded the opportunity to spread her art in the club scene as well as radio. When performing at festivals, she is the lone wolf, representing the weary in their unique and mysterious space. In this world, she takes pleasure in witnessing thousands giving in to the sandman as she weaves her sleep-inducing sonic yarn. Seeing the happy faces the next morning proves that it's not just dance music that is welcome at festivals.

We are very similar in that we both draw a distinct line between ambient and other subgenres of chillout music, like lounge or downtempo styles (that others claim is ambient). One of the biggest wishes for Lepque is that she can make people realize what true ambient is. As with this space-themed mix, her main focus is to tell a story and present a theme with each creation that she conjures. Through her dreams she develops ideas, and becomes the music storyteller.

Her other wish is to eventually release her own music. After hearing her mix, and taking it in, I am pretty anxious to what has been bouncing around in her mind. Lepque, thanks so much for allowing me to host this, and I look forward to witnessing your future dreams coming to light.

Visit Lepque on her MIXCLOUD PAGE.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • The Healing Lake – Rudy Adrian
  • Infinite Possibility – Phillip Wilkerson
  • Starmoods – Jonn Serrie
  • Memories Of Wandering, Pt. 1 – Robert Rich
  • Magnificent Gallery – Steve Roach
  • Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered – Michael Stearns
  • Merge (Violette Light Mix) – Troll ‘N Roll Records
  • The Return Of Babel – Babel
  • Rise To Light – Cosmic Replicant
  • 12 18 – Global Communication
  • Vanishing Memories – Alexander Cheresney
  • Untitled 6 – Irezumi
  • Victims Of A System – Har & Altus
  • A Drowning – Astropilot
  • Signals In Moonlight – Thom Brennan
  • Mirage – Peter Namlook
  • Empire Of Nothing – Numina
  • Before The Celebration – Hammock
  • Held Together By Gravity – Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • Silent Valleys – Andrew Lahiff
  • Beautiful Desolate Spaces – Adam Fielding
  • Zen – Tetsu Inoue
  • Under Stars II – Brian Eno

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