Sunday, October 6, 2013

daydreams at nightfall

For me, the saddest time is not winter, but the approach of fall. I don't hate the fall season. I love it! But knowing that summer and the vibe it has brought is withering into a memory is a hard pill to swallow. In summer, I'm invincible; I am reborn with every hot burst of sun, thriving to gather the energy of every new day, leaving little or no wasted moments in my wake. Every summer day is a new awakening, brought about by the renewed anticipation of Mother Earth's sun-song upon us. Get the point? I freakin' LOVE summer so much that it pains me to see it dissolve.

The first thing that I notice is a shortened day. Just a few days ago (and it's been a while since I've actually realized this and posted this narrative), I was fully aware that it was dark at 8 o'clock in the evening (edit: at this time, even sooner). Already. Sadness is upon me. Next, the leaves shed new colors and die, and the sky will be overcast with impending change. But all good things must end.

To help ease the pain of shorter days, and colder nights that approach us, I give you solace in the form of a quite amazing amalgamation of sonic textures. This mix is optimized for contemplation of the changing seasons and should be used as you watch the skies go from light to dim during your day. The music in this mix represent both the lament and joy that I feel with each bygone season. Reflect your own state of mind with the music and find comfort within it's grip. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

(there seems to be new edits with the player, so I decided to make changes to what information what I post with the songs and will not be adding labels or release dates anymore)


  • "Crickets, Wind, and Fireplace" by Unknown from Unknown (Start Time: 0:00)  
  • "Sleep" by Ben Lovett from The Last Lullaby (Start Time: 0:30)
  • "Falling From Grace" by Robin Guthrie from Imperial (Start Time: 2:30)    
  • "Midnight Fantasy Angel" by Rudy Adrian from Moonwater (Start Time: 6:17)
  • "Part 10" by Felixdroid from The Longing (Start Time: 18:29)
  • "Humectez La Mouture" by Stars Of The Lid from And Their Refinement Of The Decline (Start Time: 26:51)
  • "Mysterious Figures" by Bing Satellites from Twilight Sessions Volume 8 (Start Time: 32:05)
  • "Fairytale" by Jon Hopkins from EP1 (Start Time: 39:52)
  • "Transmit 1" by infinite_coil from Transmit (Start Time: 43:37)
  • "Es Kann Nicht Ewig Winter Sein" by Bersarin Quartett from Bersarin Quartett (Start Time: 53:52)
  • "La Petite File de la Mer" by Vangelis from Portraits (So Long Ago, So Clear) (Start Time: 56:56)
  • "Crickets, Thunder, and Fireplace" by Unknown from Unknown (Start Time: 62:36)

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